Best Sport Pubs in the United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is the home of many of today’s most popular sports. The modern iteration of football can be traced to the Victorian era, cricket started during the 15th century, and even horse racing as it currently exists began in the late 1700s. All this to say, residents of the United Kingdom love sports.

With sports being so popular, it is little surprise that sports pubs are also a huge thing in England. The aesthetic of the classic English pub is incredibly popular, not just in the UK, but all over the world. Imitations exist in almost every country.

So, the question we pose is: What are the best sports pubs in the UK that anyone should check out? Whether you are a local that has missed out, or a tourist, visiting Great Britain, in this article, we are taking a look at the absolute must-sees of the British sports scene. 

The Old Hat, London

The Old Hat, located on 128 Broadway in London is a pub that will certainly offer a warm welcome to any visitor. You can’t get more traditional than this pub. Serving all of the pub classics, visitors can enjoy a bowl of fish and chips, a rich plate of bangers and mash, and even traditionally-prepared Irish lamb chops. To wash all this down with, patrons can try out a variety of beer, most notably of course, Guinness.

The pub features a massive TV set, where they broadcast the ongoing sports competitions. In other words, punters can attend the pub, have a great time, and still follow the game without missing anything. Best of all, users of online sports betting websites, like those recommended by, can follow the game, place live bets, all the while enjoying the old-timey atmosphere of the Old Hat.

So, anyone interested in experiencing the archetypal British pub, there aren’t many better options than the Old Hat. However, there are quite a few options that rival it. So, let’s take a look at those.

Shakespeare, Manchester

If northerly is where you are headed, and you end up in Manchester, you really owe it to yourself to visit the Shakespeare pub, located at 16 Fountain Street. Named after one of Great Britain’s most important literary figures, the Shakespeare offers an extensive list of food and drink, all of which can be expected to be found at classic pub.

Shakespeare’s appeal comes from its wide variety when it comes to drinks. Guinness is, of course, a staple. However, there is so much more to choose from. The Greene King IPA variety is an excellent beer, with a refreshing taste. You can also get pub staples like Heineken, and many of its variants. And if beer is not your drink of choice, you can always get some of the harder liquors, like whiskey, scotch, or gin.

So, if you find yourself in Manchester, definitely don’t miss an opportunity to check out the Shakespeare pub in the city. After all, Manchester is quite well known for two prominent football clubs. So, it is no surprise that their sports scene is quite vibrant.

The Famous Three Kings, London

The aptly named Famous Three Kings is certainly one of London’s most famous sports pubs. A far more modern take on the sports pub, the Famous Three Kings is closer to a modern restaurant, all the while maintaining the pub atmosphere.

If you need a reason to dine out with friends, look no further than the top notch meals served at the Famous Three Kings. On their breakfast menu, you can find savory and sweet crumpets, a traditional English breakfast, and a whole host of other options. For lunch, the pub serves burgers, fish and chips, loaded subs, and customizable fries. This isn’t even getting into the vegan options which the Famous Three Kings pub offers.

Throughout the pub, you will find several television sets, all covering the latest game in the seasonal sport. The pub shows games from the English Premier League, the Champions League, and the Scottish Premiership.

The Bat & Ball, London

The final option we are taking a look at today is the Bat & Ball. Ping pong has recently stolen the hearts of many UK residents. And the Bat & Ball is the hub of ping pong in the UK. Featuring a number of tables, you still need a reservation to play, as the game is in such high demand.

But ping pong is not all that the Bat & Ball has to offer. Live sports coverage is a staple of any sports pub. Whether you enjoy football or Rugby Union, the Bat & Ball has you covered. Matches are shown on the four-TV set located just over the bar.

As with any good pub, food and drink is plentiful. You can get all of the pub classics at the Bat & Ball. Chips, fish fingers, fish and chips, burgers, pizza and about a dozen-or-so different kinds of sandwiches. For those looking to stay healthy, the pub also has quite an extensive salad menu, so you will not be left behind.

The English staple cocktail, Gin & Tonic, is of course on the menu. However, the Bat & Ball offers various variants on the classic. And if gin is not your thing, you can ask for any of the dozen other cocktails that the pub has on their menu.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d like a strong whiskey, or spirit. Or, maybe, you just want a beer. Whatever the case may be, you will find the Bat & Ball has your needs covered.

Final Thoughts

The classic English pub is a staple in the United Kingdom. If you find yourself visiting the country, you will certainly come across a wide variety of pubs. In this article, we have outlined four of the best and most popular. However, they are not the only ones. So, seek out a pub that you think will appeal to you, and enjoy a little piece of English history.