Dress to Impress: What to Wear to the Hamptons

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The Hamptons consists of the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, which can be found on Long Island’s South Fork. Typically, the Hamptons are associated with the elite. It is where New York’s most affluent usually spend their holidays. It is not uncommon to find wealthy people from all over the United States, and even the world, going there though.

If you are planning a trip to the East End of Long Island, then you need to dress to impress. Here’s what to wear during your visit to the Hamptons:

Wearing Jewellery

When you visit the Hamptons, you will encounter some of America’s wealthiest and most elite families. One thing you will notice when you see them is that they are not flashy. In other words, they don’t show their wealth. Wearing gold chains and jewellery will make you stand out for the wrong reasons. However, you can still wear jewellery to accessorise your outfits. Wearing a birthstone necklace can be a great way to look stylish. Be sure to incorporate your necklace with a chain. Birthstone necklaces look very cool.

OCBD and Khakis

A lot of the men you will see in the Hamptons will be wearing OCBDs (oxford-cloth button-downs) and khakis. Anyone that has ever been to the Hamptons before will know that this is ‘the uniform.’ The women there sometimes also wear khakis and OCBDs, although this is rare. It’s a lot more common to find women dressed as though they are going to play tennis or wearing shorts and navy jumpers. However, whether you are a man or a woman, wearing an OCBD, khakis, and a navy jumper will stop you from standing out and help you to blend in.

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Modern Preppy

The way that the young people in the Hamptons dress can only be described as ‘modern preppy.’ It is a style that’s not as popular among the young of today (who tend to incline more toward urban fashions) but it is the style you will find in the Hamptons. If you plan on visiting, then it is a good idea to research this style, so you can buy outfits that adhere to it. Double-breasted navy blazers with big gold buttons are a pretty common sight, as will white chinos and penny loafers. You can pick these things up second-hand online if you are on a budget.

Casually Smart

When visiting the Hamptons, the first thing you will notice is that everybody’s ‘casually smart.’ In other words, nobody is trying too hard. Everybody is relaxed. People wear suits without ties and loafers without socks. If you turn up looking too formal, then you will stand out. That said, the only time people do dress up very formally is when they are going out for dinner. If you will be attending dinner parties, then make sure you bring eveningwear with you, like a tuxedo, or a cocktail dress.

The Hamptons are a lot of fun. If you have never been before, then you will probably love visiting. So that you don’t stand out or look like you don’t belong there, follow this article’s instructions. The more you fit in, the easier it’ll be to make friends and network.