NYC’s Bandit Coffee Pops Up in the Hamptons

bandit coffee water mill interior the hamptons

Bandit Coffee, a NYC based coffee shop with a dedicated following, has opened their first Hamptons pop up in Water Mill. The modern pop-up space features an ordering kiosk, and a variety of premier food and beverage brands. These include Iris Nova (the ever-popular Dirty Lemon), CORE bar, and more.

They are the first-ever contactless, mobile-app-only coffee shop! What could be better than opening a mobile friendly coffee shop in the Hamptons during these current times? Their mission focuses on eliminating long lines and wait-time. This is not only practical and a significant time saver, it is also COVID-friendly. Plus, who could argue with a few extra moments at the beach or poolside?

bandit coffee ordering kiosk water mill

Bandit’s Menu

In addition to their wide coffee selection, they are also well known for their Matcha Bar. The Matcha Bar offers a unique selection of matcha beverages like the Hot Honey Lavender Matcha (also available iced), and the Matcha Palmer. If you have never tried matcha, Bandit Coffee is where to try it first.

For coffee, you have your Cappuccino, Americano, Chai Latte, Mocha Latte, French Vanilla Hot Coffee, and more. Iced drinks include the Bandit Iced Green Tea, Cold Brew, French Vanilla Cold Brew, and even a Kombucha Pink Lady Apple. Bandit Coffee offers reasonable price points for the Hamptons.

Bakery favorites include the Chocolate Chip Cookie, Apple Cider Donut, Cinnamon Bun, and our favorite, the Gluten Free Sweet and Salted Brownie.

“Customer favorites are definitely Cold Brew, Matcha, and Matcha palmer,” says Alex Pattis. “We have been very pleased with the response in terms of quality of product, ability to leverage technology and be contactless for all ordering, and people referring to Bandit as the cool new place in Water Mill they needed.”

Another added perk for stopping by? CORE bars are currently in stock and are FREE to everyone all summer long.

Summer Hamptons Partnerships

Bandit Coffee Saturday morning workouts across the street with AMP’d academy. This Sunday afternoon, August 16th, they are having a small non-profit event outside the shop.

bandit iced coffee core bar water mill hamptons

Bandit Coffee in NYC

As their Hamptons location is building momentum, what are the plans for their NYC storefront for the foreseeable future? “This is currently being evaluated with high interest to maintain and grow an NYC presence,” explains Pattis. “Much of this thinking really depends on the pace of people coming back to the city. I personally would love to grow the NYC presence to allow for quick, safe, and efficient ways to get coffee, tea, matcha, and baked goods.”

Bandit’s NYC stores are currently on “pause”. They will reopen as people return to their residences and office buildings.

bandit coffee hamptons water mill exterior
Images courtesy of Bandit Coffee

Hours & Additional Information

Bandit Coffee in the Hamptons is currently open seven days a week from 8am-5pm. In addition to their app, you may also order via Uber Eats. They plan to be open thru September. However, it is foreseeable this may be extended.

Bandit Coffee & Matcha Bar also has a location in Austin, Texas.