7 Ways to Surprise a Loved One

two women chatting on a couch exchanging gifts

It’s safe to say that you have loved ones in your life, and of course, they’re very special to you. From close friends to immediate family, significant others, and more, they’re in your life for good reason.

Sure, you probably give them a birthday gift each year, but that’s generally expected. To really make their day and show that you care, take a look at the tips we’ve put together that can help you surprise them for no apparent reason.

A Day to Pamper Themselves

Many of your friends are likely to do this for others before they do it themselves. Whether it’s a mom driving the kids around all weekend, a son returning home to take care of the yard work every week, or a multitude of other selfless acts, they probably rarely take the time to do something just for themselves.

Surprise them with a prepaid spa day, and they’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing massage, facial, and more. They’ll return home calm and extremely grateful for the thoughtful gift. You can plan something about taking one night break with your partner that really gets the heart going in other ways, you’ll have an amazing experience

Special Delivery

Opting for a roses delivery service is a great way to make someone’s day special. While red roses are always popular for significant others, remember that they come in a variety of colors, and of course, most everyone loves them.

Date Night

Surprise your spouse with an unscheduled date night. Whether you prepare their favorite foods for a nice candlelight dinner at home or you take them out somewhere special and grab a movie, spur-of-the-moment plans have a really good chance of making their night.

A Personal Touch

For their birthday, anniversary, or just because, get them a personalized gift. You can find custom gifts for any occasion for that special person in your life and can be a surprise they’ll treasure for years to come.

DIY Gift

Create a gift specifically for them. Grab some small baskets and fill one with The Card Network eftpos gift card to their favorite coffee shop, essential oils and therapeutic candles, a bottle of wine or two, and anything else that you know they like.

Showing that you care enough to go out of your way for them is certain to be a special touch they’ll appreciate.

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A Video Montage

Use the internet to your advantage and have all of their friends and family send you a video message of them. You can go with goofy messages, a “roast,” or have everyone express their love and appreciation. Once you have them all, you can create a fun video and send it via email, social media, or give it to them on an LCD video card.

Even if you aren’t a whiz with video editing, there are plenty of free products that are easy to use as well as lots of free instructional videos available online.

Go Old Fashioned

With everything being digital these days, going outside the norm can surprise most everyone. Additionally, with the exception of Christmas, most of us only get bills in the mail. Take the time to sit down and handwrite them a heartfelt letter and send it via snail mail. This may sound old and ordinary, but since it’s rarely used anymore, it can be a perfect way to show a loved one that you really care.

Surprising those close to us doesn’t have to be expensive, take a lot of planning, or only come around on special occasions. Adding your own twist to the tips above, combining a couple of them, or simply coming up with something completely different, it’s always nice to receive a special gift.

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