Decluttering Your Life for Better Mental Health

Young woman sorting clothes indoors at home
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A tidy and organised life means better mental health, so it’s something that’s worth taking the time to do. We’re all busy and don’t get as much time as we’d like to clean and organise at times, but if you have systems in place, it can make things much easier and simpler to stick to. Here are some of the areas in your life that you could work on decluttering. 


Having a neat home isn’t just about cleanliness, it affects how you feel every day. Your home is your personal sanctuary, and when it’s messy, it can mess with your mind too. Studies have shown time and time again that mess and clutter lead to your mind feel overwhelmed, affecting sleep and mental health.

Take some time to organise your living spaces, throw away what you don’t need and use self storage if you have larger items you need to keep but don’t have room for at home. If you have a lot of clutter, consider getting a skip, a removals company or a professional cleaner and organiser to help you. Otherwise, work through it all one room at a time. Go through every drawer and cupboard, organising and cleaning each area as you go. 


Your desk is where things get done, whether it’s at home or work it’s worth making a habit of regularly cleaning it out. A cluttered desk can make it hard to concentrate. Clear it up by putting away unnecessary papers and organizing your stuff. A tidy desk reduces stress, helps you think clearly, and boosts productivity. When everything has its place, you can find what you need quickly, move between tasks seamlessly, and set a positive tone for your workday.


Your bag can sometimes be like a mini mess of your mind. When you’re carrying it around every day it’s so easy for it to pick up receipts, snack crumbs, odds and ends and all kinds of things that you don’t need. Empty it out and keep only what you really need, replenish the things you do need and use. Carrying less stuff means less weight on your shoulders – both physically and mentally and simplifying your handbag can make your day run smoother.


Your car serves as a second home, and a cluttered car can make daily drives stressful. Remove items that have accumulated over time, sort out the glove compartment, and even consider investing in organisers to maximise the storage space. Make sure you have essentials that you need, like blankets in case of winter breakdowns, emergency items like a torch and shovel, a spare phone charger and more. It isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s an investment in your mental well-being during your daily commutes. If you know you’re not great at keeping your car tidy and hate cleaning it, invest in regular valets. You can have it cleaned inside and out and keep it spic and span. 


Paperwork can be a headache, it’s so easy to accumulate and can be difficult to find when you need it. While so much of what we file away is digital these days, chances are you do still have some important paperwork such as deeds to your house, appliance guarantee documents and more. Creating a system for your papers is a smart move, this could be anything from a filing folder to an entire filing cabinet depending on what you need to keep. 

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