4 Hobbies The Ancient Greeks Used to Enjoy

Temple of Apollo in Delphi
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The Ancient Greeks had an intriguing history and culture. One of the most significant aspects of that culture was the hobbies they used to enjoy as a means of leisure and entertainment. From theatre to athletic competitions, the Greeks sought refuge in ways that deeply connected them with their ancient mythology, language, and customs. This blog post will explore some common hobbies enjoyed by the Ancient Greeks, including wrestling matches at Olympia, jam-packed theatre performances from Athens to Delphi, and chariot racing in Sparta.

Even if these activities may seem outdated or unfamiliar today, their influence on momentous world events still lives on – proving that what bonds people has been around for thousands of years!

Exploring Ancient Greek Literature – Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey were hugely popular during ancient times

The ancient Greeks were known for their incredible contributions to the literary world, and two of the most enduring works of ancient Greek literature are Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. These epic poems have captured the imaginations of countless readers over the centuries with their compelling stories of gods and heroes.

Written when oral traditions were still the norm, these works were performed in front of live audiences and passed down through the generations before finally being written down. It’s no wonder that these tales of battle, adventure, and mythology resonated so strongly with ancient audiences and continue to captivate and inspire readers today.

Gambling – a popular pastime in Ancient Greece

While gambling may seem like an unlikely hobby for the ancient Greeks, it was pretty ordinary. Gambling was seen as a way to relax and enjoy a bit of friendly competition. Dice games were trendy, but the Greeks also enjoyed betting on wrestling matches or chariot races. This passion for gambling became increasingly popular as more and more Greek cities began to form – with some Greeks even turning it into a profession. Of course, they didn’t have access to top online casinos like spin casino, but they still had fun with gambling and even used it to make friends and have fun. Over the years, gambling games have evolved until we get some of the classics you can play online, like poker and roulette. 

Playing Board Games – Greeks enjoyed playing board games like Senet, which was documented as early as 3000 BC

People have enjoyed board games for thousands of years, and the Greeks were no exception. Senet seems to have been a popular choice among the various board games they played, as it was documented as early as 3000 BC. It’s fascinating to think that a game played so long ago can still be enjoyed today. Perhaps it’s the simple pleasure of gathering with friends and family to engage in a friendly competition, or it’s the thrill of strategic thinking and problem-solving required to win the game. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying the enduring appeal of board games.

Participating in the Olympics – The ancient Greeks highly prized athletics and the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC

Throughout history, athletics has been highly prized and celebrated by cultures all over the world. However, perhaps no culture has held sport in higher esteem than the ancient Greeks. Beginning in 776 BC, the Olympic Games were held every four years for athletes from various city-states to come together and compete for glory. These games celebrated physical and mental excellence and were accompanied by religious ceremonies and sacrifices.

Today, the Olympic Games continue to be held every four years and draw athletes from all corners of the globe. For centuries, participating in the Olympics has been the dream of many athletes, who dedicate countless hours of training to compete for gold medals and achieve their personal bests.

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