5 Best Ways to Utilize Phone Tracking for a Secure Journey

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Security and connectivity are paramount in the digital age, especially when traveling. Mobile phones have become our lifeline to the world, making it crucial to take precautions to ensure your device’s safety and optimize its features for a secure journey. You can transform your phone into a robust travel companion with the right tools. The experts from https://haqerra.com/ will guide you on the five top ways to use phone tracking for a secure journey.

Reasons to Track Your Phone While Traveling

Before getting into how to utilize phone tracking, it’s essential to understand why you should track your phone while traveling. Here are a few reasons:

Emergency Situations

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, phone tracking can be a life-saving tool. It allows you to share your real-time location with emergency services, friends, or family, ensuring that help arrives as quickly as possible. Moreover, certain apps have features that allow you to send distress signals at the press of a button, alerting your contacts or local authorities immediately. This feature is particularly useful when making a call may not be feasible.

Theft Prevention

Losing your phone or having it stolen while traveling can be incredibly distressing, mainly if it contains sensitive information. Phone tracking increases the chances of recovering your device by providing real-time location updates. Some apps even allow you to remotely lock your device or erase all data to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, tracking apps often have a feature that triggers an alarm on your phone, which can deter thieves and make it easier to locate if nearby.

Personal Safety

When traveling, especially in unfamiliar places, personal safety is paramount. Phone tracking can aid by providing you with precise location information, helping you navigate unfamiliar surroundings and avoid potentially unsafe areas. Some tracking apps also offer real-time traffic updates and suggest safer routes. In addition, the geofencing feature can alert you when you stray beyond your set boundaries, ensuring you stay within safe and familiar zones.

Tracking Loved Ones

Phone tracking isn’t just about protecting your device; it’s also about ensuring the safety of your loved ones. If you’re traveling together, especially with young children, you can use phone tracking to keep tabs on everyone’s location. This can provide peace of mind in crowded places with a risk of separation. Particular apps also allow for the creation of ‘groups’ where each member can see the others’ locations, ensuring everyone stays connected and safe throughout the journey.

Moreover, hacking incidents like hack into iPhone text messages have made it imperative to have a tracking system in place. In such situations, phone tracking can help you locate family members who may have gone missing or been taken against their will.

Setting Up Your Device for Safe Travel: 5 Essential Phone Tracking Features

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Now that you understand the importance of phone tracking while traveling, here are five ways to utilize this feature for a secure journey.

1. Real-time Location Tracking

The primary purpose of phone tracking is to provide real-time location updates. This feature utilizes GPS technology to pinpoint and relay your device’s coordinates to the tracking app server. The app then displays this information on a map, allowing you to track your device’s movement accurately.

2. Geofencing

Geofencing allows you to set virtual boundaries around specific locations using GPS technology. When your device enters or exits these predetermined geofenced areas, the tracking app sends you an alert, providing real-time location updates. This feature is handy in crowded places where getting separated from loved ones is easy.

3. Travel Tracking

History tracking is a feature that records and stores your device’s past locations, creating a breadcrumb trail of your journey. This feature helps keep track of the places you’ve visited and provides precise location information if your device goes missing.

4. SOS Alerts

SOS alerts, also known as panic buttons, are a crucial safety feature in tracking apps. In emergencies, this button sends out an alert to designated contacts or local authorities, providing them with your real-time location. Some apps even allow customization, allowing you to add emergency contacts and select the type of alert they receive.

5. Remote Access and Locking

In case of device loss or theft, tracking apps offer remote access and locking features that can prevent unauthorized access to your data. This feature allows you to lock your device remotely or erase all data to protect sensitive information in case of theft.

Essential Phone Tracking Apps for Safe Travel

Now that you understand the benefits of phone tracking and its features, here are several trusted apps that can enhance your phone’s security while traveling: 

  • Find My iPhone and Find My Device: For iOS and Android, respectively, are built-in tracking apps that offer location sharing, remote access, and device locking.
  • Haqerra.com: A feature-rich tracking app that offers all the essential features mentioned above and additional safety and security measures like battery optimization and malware protection. For those concerned about messaging app security, such as can iMessage be hacked, Haqerra provides encryption features for enhanced privacy.
  • Scannero.io: A highly-rated tracking app with advanced features like live audio streaming, offline mapping, and location sharing for larger groups. 
  • Moniterro.com: A user-friendly tracking app that offers all the essential safety features while also providing SOS alerts for medical emergencies and real-time traffic updates.

Remember, phone tracking can be invaluable for ensuring your personal safety and protecting your device. So, set up your device with one of these essential apps before embarking on your next journey. 


In the era of digital connectivity, phone tracking is no longer a luxury but a necessity, especially when traveling. You can ensure a secure journey and remain connected with your loved ones by leveraging phone tracking features and apps. 

Remember, security is not just about protecting your device from loss or theft; it’s also about safeguarding your personal information from potential hacking threats. Moreover, use secure messaging apps to avoid potential threats like hack a Facebook Messenger. Stay safe and make the most of your travels with the power of phone tracking!

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