Wine Tasting in Lisbon, Portugal: 11 Experiences to Be Savoured

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Lisbon, Portugal is a city that epitomizes the pleasure of slow food.

There’s something about wine tasting in Lisbon that transports you to another world where time stands still, and grapes become the focal point just for a moment. 

From intimate tastings hosted by local experts to private tours of the city’s best wine bars, there are countless experiences to be savored here. Here are 11 unique encounters for those looking for an unforgettable day of wining and dining in Lisbon, Portugal!

Best Wine Tasting in Lisbon

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Here is a list of the best wine bars in Lisbon where wine tasting has been elevated to an art. All of them are located in the baixa-centro part of the city and are easily accessed by metro.

1. By the Wine

Here the atmosphere is quirky yet inviting and discreet, making it the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon or evening of tasting along with some excellent food. The selection is huge, and quality is high, with carefully curated choices from all over Portugal. Make sure to notice the domed ceiling covered in wine bottles! 

Rated 4.5/5 by 1265 people on TripAdvisor

2. Time Out Market

Once Lisbon’s main market this century-old structure is now home to over 40 superb restaurants, bars and a high-end music venue. Try some of Lisbon’s best Portuguese cuisine at one of the many stalls here and sample the local craft beer or wine from one of the many wine bars.

Many offer private tastings too- perfect for those looking to learn more about Portuguese wines! My personal favorite here is Miguel Castro e Silva’s take on tuna tartar. And if you happen to drink one too many, you can always stumble back to your apartment or hotel since the market is so centrally located!

Rated 4.5/5 by 23051 people on TripAdvisor.

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3. From the Vine wine-tasting bar – 2-hour experience

To truly experience the diverse and unique flavors of Portuguese wine, head over to From the Vine wine-tasting bar. Here, you’ll be able to sample three to four wines from different regions of Portugal, giving you a taste of the country’s varied terroirs.

What’s more, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the history, culture, and traditions of Portuguese wine. From the Vine is the perfect place to deepen your appreciation for wine and discover new favorites. With its cozy and intimate atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home as you swirl, sip, and savor each glass.

Rated 5/5 by 272 people on TripAdvisor.

4. Lisbon Winery

For a truly delightful local experience, Lisbon Winery should be at the top of your list. With live music and Adrianna, a knowledgeable and friendly sommelier to guide you through the selection, you’ll feel right at home in this cozy and warm venue.

The exceptional charcuterie, olive and cheese board perfectly complement the full tasting experience. The tasting experience includes a sampling of olive oils, ports, local charcuteries and cheeses. Lisbon Winery not only provides excellent value but also goes above and beyond to offer an incredible experience for its customers. Be prepared to leave the tasting stuffed to the brim, as the portions are generous and delicious.

Rated 4.7/5 by 270 people on Google.

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5. Maria Palato Wine Bar

If you’re in search of a wine bar that offers a personalized experience, Maria Palato Wine Bar should not be missed. What sets this wine bar apart is the extensive selection of boutique vineyard goods and local food products that can be purchased alongside your tasting.

The warm and inviting atmosphere feels more like someone’s house than a bar, and the beautiful, vaulted ceilings add to its intimate charm. The Francesinha they serve is an excellent representation of the dish found in Porto, and it’s a must-try for any foodie.

The true standout, however, is the nice cheese and charcuterie board tailored to your tastes- a perfect accompaniment to any wine tasting. Don’t miss out on this wonderful local experience while in Lisbon.

Rated 4.9/5 by 288 people on Google.

6. Enoteca LX

Enoteca LX is a hidden gem that should not be missed by any wine-loving history buffs traveling to Lisbon. Located in an old aqueduct, this chic bar and restaurant provides guests with the opportunity to sample a variety of Portuguese wines from the comfort of their own table. The selection is immense but their knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect bottle for any occasion.

The menu here is nothing like your typical tapas experience! Vegetarian options are available and the highlight for us was the aged meat pie with sweet potato and yucca. It’s a must-order item!

The price range is reasonable, and the venue unique, making Enoteca LX one of the most attractive places to visit when in Lisbon.

Rated 4.7/5 by 167 reviews on Google.

7. Wines of Portugal

The Wines of Portugal Tasting Room in Lisbon is an interesting and novel destination for wine lovers exploring this lively city. Unlike traditional wine bars, this unique self-service concept boasts an impressive selection of over 1,000 Portuguese wines from various regions of Portugal, all available for tasting. The experience is affordable, and you are only required to purchase a minimum 5 Euro card upfront, which you can use to help yourself to the wines of your choice.

Given the extensive selection, the fun of the tasting experience is in discovering new and exciting producers, flavors, and styles. While there is no wow factor to the venue, it is conveniently located in the heart of the city on Praça do Comércio, making it an excellent stop for tourists walking around.

Rated 4/5 by 263 people on TripAdvisor.

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8. Taylor’s Port – Wine Shop & Tasting Room

If you’re a fan of port wine or simply looking to expand your wine-tasting horizons, Taylor’s Port Tasting Room is the perfect spot to stop by during your trip to Lisbon. Nestled in a stunning restored building overlooking the cruise ship terminal, this wine shop and tasting room showcases the finest products of Taylors, one of the oldest and most reputable Port producers in Porto.

With a range of Porto wines to try, Taylor’s will take you on a journey of the senses as you sample the best of Portugal’s wine culture. This is an especially interesting stop if you aren’t planning on visiting Porto, as there are few other exclusively port wine tastings available in Lisbon. With excellent service and knowledgeable staff, a visit to Taylor’s is the perfect way to enjoy Portugal’s most famous wine.

Rated 4.3/5 by 106 people on Google.

9. Ginginha do Carmo

A visit to Ginginha do Carmo is a must for anyone looking to experience authentic Portuguese culture. This tiny bar’s cherry liqueur, known as Ginjinha, is a local delicacy, originating in the town of Obidos. The drink is tart, sweet and served in a delicious chocolate cup. The best part? If you don’t eat the cup on your first shot, you can get a free refill!

The friendly bartender and tiny outdoor tables make for a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for soaking up the Lisbon sunshine. With its location at the foot of historic stairs near Rossio station, Ginginha do Carmo is also a convenient pitstop before climbing up to dinner in the evenings. Overall, this small door in the wall is an enchanting and authentic spot that should not be missed during your Lisbon adventures.

Rated 4.5/5 by 361 people on Google.

Best Wine Tasting Tours in Lisbon

Here are two wine-tasting tours that shouldn’t be missed!

10.  Secret Urban Wine Tour

If you prefer to do your wine tasting as a guided tour, you won’t want to miss the Secret Urban Wine Tour. This tour offers a unique and fascinating experience into Portuguese wine culture, led by local, English-speaking, wine-loving guides. You will be taken to five stops around the downtown center of Lisbon, each with a progressive wine tasting and enjoyable conversations about the history and production of Portuguese wine.

From the wines of the mainland to the volcanic archipelagos of Madeira and Azores, you will indulge in a variety of delicious wines paired with local delicacies. What’s more, this tour includes a secret sip, sure to tantalize your tastebuds! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the best of Portuguese wine in the heart of Lisbon’s historic cafes and fresh local markets. The wine tour goes for 59.90€ and lasts about 3 hours.

Rated 5 /5 by 602 people on TripAdvisor.

11. Lisbon Boat Tour with Wine Tasting

Looking for a unique way to experience Lisbon’s exquisite beauty while sipping flavorful Portuguese wine? Look no further than the Lisbon Boat Tour with Wine Tasting. As the sun sets over the city, hop aboard a sailboat and glide along the iconic river Tagus, taking in stunning views of some of Lisbon’s most famous landmarks, including the historic Belém Tower and the grand Ajuda National Palace.

With informative commentary from the skipper, you’ll learn about the history and culture of this enchanting city while savoring the smooth taste of Portuguese wine. With a relaxing and captivating atmosphere, this 2-hour cruise is the perfect way to unwind after a day of sightseeing and indulge in some of the region’s finest wines. 

Rated 5/5 by 1242 people on Viator.

What Portuguese Wines Should I try?

Vinho Verde

When it comes to wine tasting in Lisbon, there are a plethora of options to choose from. However, if you’re looking for a unique wine experience that encapsulates the flavors and spirit of Portugal, then you simply have to try vinho verde.

This crisp and refreshing wine is the perfect accompaniment to a day spent exploring the city’s historic landmarks and scenic neighborhoods. Hailing from the Minho region of northern Portugal, vinho verde is named after its unique greenish hue and is known for its bright acidity, slight effervescence, and subtle notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

It pairs perfectly with fresh seafood, which is plentiful in Lisbon, and is a must-try when sampling Portuguese wines. So, whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or simply looking for a tasty way to toast to your travels, be sure to add vinho verde to your list of must-try wines.

Douro Reds

While vinho verde is a fantastic wine to try during your wine-tasting adventure in Lisbon, Douro Reds are another must-try. As one of the most famous Portuguese wine regions, the Douro Valley produces reds that are rich, full-bodied, and complex. These wines are made primarily from the Touriga Nacional grape, a dark-skinned variety known for its tannins and bold flavors.

The terroir of the Douro Valley adds layers of complexity to the wines, with unique flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, and spice. When paired with traditional Portuguese dishes or hearty meat dishes, Douro Reds truly shine. They are also known to age well, making them a perfect addition to any wine cellar.

So, whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of wine, be sure to add Douro Reds to your wine-tasting list in Lisbon. You won’t be disappointed!

Port Wine

Port wine is a world-famous wine that originates from the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. It is a fortified wine, meaning that it has distilled spirits added to it to increase its alcohol content and preserve its flavor. Traditionally, port wine is served as a dessert wine, but it can also be paired with strong cheeses or savory dishes.

When wine tasting in Lisbon, it’s essential to try port wine not only because it is a delicious and unique wine, but also because it is intertwined with the country’s culture and history. Portugal is the only country in the world that produces port wine, and the Douro Valley, where it comes from, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So, if you want to experience the true essence of Portugal through its wine, be sure to add port wine to your list of must-try wines in Lisbon.

Wine Tasting in Lisbon Portugal FAQ

What is the best wine to try in Lisbon?

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The best wines to try in Lisbon Portugal are Vinho Verde, Douro Reds, and Port Wine. These are popular local varieties that offer unique flavors and aromas. Vinho Verde is a crisp white wine with aromatic notes of melon and citrus fruits. Douro reds have earthy aromas of dark berries and plums with spicy finishes. Lastly, Port Wine is a sweet, fortified wine produced around Lisbon’s oldest port city known for its sweet fig-like flavors.

Does Lisbon have vineyards?

Yes, Lisbon has vineyards. These vineyards are located throughout the countryside around Lisbon and offer wine-tasting opportunities for visitors. The area is ideal for growing grapes, and a range of wineries in the area, from ultra-modern to traditional, produce award-winning diverse wines.

Is Lisbon known for wine?

Yes, Lisbon is known for wine. The vineyards and wineries around Lisbon offer unique flavors and aromas. These wines have even won awards due to their excellent quality and variety of styles. Additionally, the region has a long history of wine production that dates back centuries.

Where is the best place for wine in Portugal?

The Douro Valley in northern Portugal is widely regarded as the best place for wine in the country. This area produces some of the finest red and rosé wines, most notably port wine, which draws visitors from all over to its picturesque vineyards each year.

How much is a glass of wine in Lisbon?

A glass of wine in Lisbon typically costs between 3-6 €, depending on the quality and type of wine. Portuguese wines are particularly popular, with Douro wines considered. Additionally, there are many local wineries in the area that produce small-batch wines for a more unique experience.

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What is a good dinner to pair with wine in Portugal?

A good dinner to pair with wine in Portugal includes fresh seafood, grilled meat dishes and traditional Portuguese stews. Seafood such as bacalhau (salted cod), sardines and seabass are classic options, while typical grilled meats include pork or chicken accompanied by a side of boiled potatoes and vegetables. Traditional Portuguese stews such as cozido à portuguesa (Portuguese stew) or feijoada (stewed beans and pork) also make a great accompaniment for wine.

What do locals drink in Lisbon?

Locals in Lisbon typically drink beer, port wine and various spirits. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage consumed in Portugal, with Sagres and Super Bock being two of the most well-known brands.

Popular spirits include ginjinha (sour cherry liqueur), medronho (firewater) and aguardente (brandy). Port Wine, produced in the Douro Valley region of northern Portugal, is another local favorite. Fruit wines are also enjoyed by many locals as refreshing drinks.

Wine Tasting in Lisbon Portugal: The Wrap-Up

From the Douro Valley’s port wine to refreshing white wine, Portugal offers a variety of delicious wines and beverages that are sure to please any palate. Whether you’re looking for a glass of red,  white, or something sweet or dry, Lisbon has it all on offer! With so many options available in terms of local food pairings and atmosphere, your next trip to Lisbon should be filled with unique culinary experiences!

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