6 Historic and Boutique Vineyards to Know in Guanajuato

Ruta de Vino Guanajuato
Image courtesy of State of Guanajuato Tourism Board

Nestled in the beautiful landscapes of the Guanajuato State of Mexico you’ll find 6 of the most captivating and historic vineyards. Guanajuato is located between three and four hours north of Mexico City.

From tasting exquisite wines to participating in numerous activities, whichever vineyard you choose will grant an amazing experience. Whether it’s a day trip with the family or a romantic getaway for the weekend, there is an array of endeavors awaiting your arrival.

As you step onto the grounds, prepare to be charmed by the beauty of Guanajuato and the boutique vineyards that make it unique. Beauty, flavor, and history are promised when you take a trip to the vineyards.

Rinconcillo de los Remedios

Guanajuato wine region
Image courtesy of State of Guanajuato Tourism Board

Rancho los Remedios is a beautiful historic vineyard located in Comonfort, close to the city of San Miguel De Allende. Home to stunning tree-lined paths, gardens, and delicious wines, Rancho Los Remedios is not a vineyard to miss. Among their variety of ones, some include Los Remedios Cabernet Franc, Los Remedios Blend 2020, and Los Remedios Grand Reserva Blend. There are also a lot of residential homes on Los Remedios with a pool, lake, and padel court nearby. You can explore the vineyard itself, the estate, the store, or stop at the restaurant.

San Miguel Vineyard

Image courtesy of State of Guanajuato Tourism Board

Located near the city of San Miguel De Allende is the remarkable San Miguel Vineyard. The vineyard comes with three special experiences, including the San Bartolo experience, the Petriolo experience, and the San Miguel experience. Each of these includes a tour of the wine cellar, a tour around the vineyard, and wine tastings, with even more added on for the Petriolo and San Miguel experiences. Transiego is the restaurant on site with cultural food that will leave you wanting more. The vineyard’s wines include Vinedo San Miguel Rose 2021 and the Cabernet Sauvignon Blend. 

Los Arcángeles Vineyard

Image courtesy of State of Guanajuato Tourism Board

The Los Arcángeles Vineyard can be found between the cities of San Miguel De Allende and Dolores Hidalgo. The delectable wines of the vineyard include Cabernet Franc, Syrah Nativo 2018, Sauvignon Blanc 2020 and more. You can also stay the night in the charming boutique hotel on site and wake up in the beauty of the vineyard the next day. This family-owned vineyard is authentic and praises itself for giving you an unforgettable trip. The Ithaca restaurant has tasty pizzas to enjoy after a day of exploring. 

Tres Raíces Vineyard

Image courtesy of State of Guanajuato Tourism Board

Tres Raíces Vineyard is located in the Bagío region, where you can explore their expanse vineyard including the winery, and the restaurant, or even stay a night at the hotel. Some of their wines include Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon Melot, Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo, and the Malbec. The Terruño restaurant has a variety of dishes to choose from. Tres Raíces offers various wine tours to take throughout the vineyard and even being a winemaker for a day. 

Dos Búhos Winery

Image courtesy of State of Guanajuato Tourism Board

Just a short drive from the city of San Miguel De Allende is the alluring Dos Búthos Winery. A family-owned winery across three generations comes to this beautiful winery that brings a variety of wines, tours, and a restaurant. They have a passion for art and architecture that is reflected in the winery. Their wines are a reflection of the San Miguel De Allende region that includes Semillon, Tempranillo, and Sauvignon. 

San Lucas Vineyards

San lucas vineyard
Image courtesy of State of Guanajuato Tourism Board

Located on the hillside of San Miguel De Allende is the San Lucas Vineyards. The vineyard offers a variety of activities to partake in. You can book the wine tastings and enjoy a relaxing trip to the spa with rejuvenating facilities. There is also yoga and biking for those intersted in packing an activity-filled day. There is the opportunity to spend a night at the hotel and dine at the restaurant. The vineyard is family-friendly for all ages, making it the perfect place for a day or weekend trip. 

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