Follow Your Favorites: 5 Tips to Buy Celeb-Inspired Jewelry

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The jewelry market in the US was valued at 70 billion USD in 2021, while the exports were worth over 7 billion USD in the same year. The industry is booming as men and women are more than keen to emulate their favorite celeb styles. Your favorite celebrity will surely give you tons of style inspiration when it comes to buying jewelry.

Well-chosen jewelry is the best addition to your wardrobe if you love dressing like a star. At the same time, it is an excellent investment because precious metals and gemstones increase in value over the years. Most importantly, you can create a legacy worth passing on to your children and grandchildren with these precious pieces.

Everything about buying jewelry sounds great, but drawing inspiration from the celebs you love can make things tricky. After all, you cannot splurge like them, considering you may not even be close to their income status. But you need not give up on the dream of flaunting the lookalikes of their jewelry pieces.

Here are a few actionable tips for buying celeb-inspired jewelry:

Research the Latest Jewelry Trends

Following celeb styles is a great idea, but you shouldn’t do it without second thoughts. What if your favorite star is promoting an outdated heirloom piece? The last thing you should do is fall for the bait and spend a fortune on old-fashioned jewelry just because a celebrity endorses it. 

Research the latest jewelry trends and check the 2023 collection on top websites to ensure you don’t end up with pieces from the nineties.

Leibish recommends colored gemstones because they set a jewelry piece apart without being too loud. The best thing about colored stones is that they never go out of style, making them a perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Moreover, you’ll surely see many celebs endorsing the trend in 2023 and beyond because it is here to stay.

Decide on Your Budget

Buying celebrity-inspired jewelry shouldn’t be about breaking the bank, no matter how much you want to replicate your favorites. The best piece of advice is to decide on your budget before embarking on a shopping spree.

Knowing how much you can spend saves you from heartbreaks and impulsive buying because you can shortlist the products within your budget. It can also save you tons of time and effort, so jewelry buying is less frustrating.

Think Custom

It’s heartbreaking when a celeb-inspired jewelry piece you love does not fit into your budget. Fortunately, you can own it, provided you find a seller who offers customization services. They let you design your own jewelry within your budget.

You can share the design idea with the maker and get a replica with a less expensive metal. Why not choose silver as the base metal instead of gold or platinum? You can opt for a smaller diamond instead of the big rock your favorite Hollywood diva has on her finger. All you need is creativity and a seasoned designer to help you own a piece of your dreams.

Make a Personal Statement

Nothing sounds better than wearing a piece flaunted by the film star you love, but you should stick with your personal style statement. You may end up regretting the impulsive buy at the end of the day when you don’t want to wear the piece the second time.

Finding a balance between what you want to wear and what matches your taste is the key. Pause and think twice before buying a celeb-endorsed design and style. Does it suit your lifestyle? Will you be comfortable wearing it on all occasions? Let your instincts guide you on this one. 

Break the Rules

Perhaps breaking the rules sounds risky when it comes to big-ticket purchases like jewelry. But don’t hesitate to experiment if you can afford to do it. You may actually end up redefining your style for the better.

You can try a new trend by borrowing something from your friend. It makes you confident about the buying decision. Trying it at the retail store is a good idea. You can even do it as an online shopper, provided you check the return and refund policy of the website.

What Next

Owning celeb-approved jewelry is easier than you imagine, provided you do it with good planning and savvy budgeting. Stick with wearable pieces that match your style, and do not burn a hole in your wallet. Follow these tips to make the best buying decisions the next time you go on a jewelry shopping spree. 

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