How To Pick Your Colour: Should I Wear Gold or Silver Jewellery?

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Choosing between gold and silver jewellery might seem straightforward, but it’s a decision that speaks volumes about one’s style and preferences. Gold, with its warm glow, adds a timeless elegance to any look, whilst silver provides a sleek, modern appeal that complements a variety of colours and styles. 

This choice extends beyond mere colour preference; it involves considering how each metal harmonises with aspects such as skin tone and outfit choices. Exploring these aspects offers valuable insights, enabling a more informed decision on which metal truly enhances one’s individual flair.

Understanding Skin Undertones

Determining whether gold or silver jewellery suits you best often starts with understanding your skin’s undertone. Everyone’s skin has underlying tones, broadly categorised as warm, cool, or neutral. 

Warm undertones tend to have a golden, peachy, or yellowish hue, making gold jewellery a natural complement. In contrast, cool undertones, featuring pink, red, or bluish hints, harmonise beautifully with silver jewellery. For those with neutral undertones, a mix of both cool and warm, the good news is that both gold and silver can look equally stunning. 

To identify your undertone, look at the veins on your wrist in natural light; if they appear blue or purple, you’re likely cool-toned, while green veins suggest warm undertones. Neutral undertones might find their veins are a mix of colours or hard to categorise, giving the freedom to explore both metals with ease.

Complementing Outfit Styles

The choice between gold and silver jewellery doesn’t just depend on skin tone; it also resonates with the style of outfits you wear. Silver jewellery, with its sleek and contemporary vibe, tends to align well with modern, minimalist designs, bringing a cool, understated elegance to everyday wear. It’s the go-to for those who prefer their wardrobe to have a futuristic or edgy twist, seamlessly fitting with monochromatic outfits and sharp lines. 

On the other hand, gold jewellery exudes a warm, classic appeal, perfect for adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to both casual and formal ensembles. It naturally pairs with earthy tones, rich textures, and patterns, elevating traditional and vintage styles with its timeless lustre. 

Whether dressing for a professional setting or a casual day out, considering the overall look and feel of your outfit can guide you towards the metal that will best complement your intended aesthetic.

Hair & Eye Colour Considerations

Your hair and eye colour can also play a significant role in determining whether gold or silver jewellery is more flattering. Typically, silver jewellery shines best on those with cooler hair colours, like ash blonde, jet black, or silver-grey, and eye colours that fall into the cool spectrum, such as blue or green. The reflective quality of silver can accentuate the natural cool tones in your hair and eyes, creating a cohesive and striking look.

Conversely, gold jewellery often complements warmer hair colours—think golden blonde, rich browns, and fiery reds—as well as warm eye colours like amber, dark brown, or hazel. The warm hues of gold can enhance the natural warmth in your hair and eyes, bringing a radiant glow to your overall appearance.

For those with a contrast between their hair and eye colour, or with versatile hues that can shift in different lights, experimenting with both metals can uncover unique combinations that highlight your features in unexpected ways. Remember, these guidelines are not strict rules but starting points to explore what uniquely suits you.

Coordinating with Makeup

The makeup one chooses can also influence the choice between gold or silver jewellery, acting as a bridge between your outfit and accessories. Silver jewellery aligns beautifully with makeup featuring cool undertones, such as shades of blue, purple, and cool pinks, enhancing a look that’s both sophisticated and cohesive. Its reflective quality can amplify the cool tones in your makeup, creating a harmonious balance that’s particularly striking for evening wear or special occasions.

Gold jewellery, with its inherent warmth, pairs wonderfully with makeup in warm tones like coral, peach, and warm browns. This combination can add a radiant glow to your complexion, perfect for creating a sun-kissed look or adding an extra touch of glamour. Gold accessories can also elevate neutral makeup palettes, adding a hint of luxury and warmth that complements a wide range of looks.

For those who enjoy experimenting with bold and vibrant makeup, choosing jewellery that contrasts with your makeup palette can create a dynamic and eye-catching look. Mixing metals with different makeup looks allows for endless creativity, enabling one to express their style in varied and unique ways.

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