How To Use Advanced Filters On An Image For Free?

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Do you have some pictures that you feel like adding some filters and touch up? If yes, then there’s a wonderful solution by CapCut called AI Image Style Transfer. It can help you add some mix up to your images and enhance them using several filters. As a result, you’ll get spiced up images that will blow your mind. Your simple images will become professional just like those featured premium images on the internet.

In this article, you’ll go through CapCut AI Image Style Transfer, who also has a free text to speech tool that you can try out.

What’s A Filter For An Image?

Filters are predefined adjustments or effects applied to an image to alter its appearance. These filters can be applied using various software applications or image editing tools. Each filter has a specific purpose and can change the colors, tones, textures, or overall mood of the image.

Some Common Filters For An Image

  • Color Filters: These filters adjust the color balance or hue of the image. They can enhance or alter specific color ranges, create a vintage or retro look, or apply artistic color effects.
  • Black and White Filters: These filters convert the image to grayscale or sepia tones, removing the color information. They can simulate classic black and white film styles or create a nostalgic or dramatic effect.
  • Sepia Filters: Sepia filters give the image a warm, vintage, or aged appearance, resembling the sepia-toned photographs of the past.
  • HDR Filters: High Dynamic Range filters enhance the dynamic range of an image, balancing the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. They can create a more detailed and vibrant look, particularly in scenes with contrasting light and shadow.
  • Vintage Filters: These filters emulate the appearance of old film stocks or vintage photography styles. They can add grain, vignetting, color fading, or other effects to create a nostalgic or retro aesthetic.
  • Artistic Filters: Artistic filters offer creative effects such as oil painting, watercolor, sketch, or mosaic. They transform the image into different artistic styles, allowing for unique and visually striking interpretations.
  • Texture Filters: Texture filters add texture overlays to the image, giving it a specific surface or material effect. These filters can simulate canvas, paper, wood, or other textures to add depth and interest to the image.
  • Special Effects Filters: Special effects filters include options like blur, sharpening, distortion, or lens flare. They can be used to create specific visual effects, simulate specific camera lenses, or enhance certain aspects of the image.

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What Can CapCut AI Image Style Transfer Do For You?

There are 3 styles that CapCut AI Image Style Transfer supports:

Manga Style Transfer

A manga style filter for images is a specific type of filter that aims to replicate the appearance and artistic characteristics of Japanese manga artwork. Manga refers to the distinctive style of comic books and graphic novels originating from Japan. Manga art typically features bold lines, expressive characters, exaggerated facial expressions, and dynamic action sequences.

CapCut manga style filter for images attempts to recreate these artistic elements in a digital format. Some features of this style include line art, halftone patterns, expensive eyes, vibrant colors, tone and shade, etc.

Hong Kong Cartoon Style Transfer

Owing to a rich history of cartoons in Hong Kong, CapCut has got an inspiration from those cartoons, and you can convert your real pictures clicked from any camera into a Hong Kong cartoon.

CapCut Hong Kong Cartoon filter or effect attempts to mimic the visual style of Hong Kong cartoons or animations.

3D Game Style Transfer

This filter for images is a type of filter that aims to mimic the visual style of 3D computer games in a 2D image. It applies specific effects and adjustments to create the illusion of depth and a stylized appearance reminiscent of video games.

The goal of a 3D game style filter is to evoke the visual nostalgia and aesthetics associated with early 3D games, retro gaming consoles, or specific gaming eras. By applying this filter, images can take on a distinct and stylized appearance that resembles the graphics of classic video games.

Why Use CapCut Style Transfer Tool?

There are tons of reasons why you should try out CapCut AI image style transfer.

Simplified Usage

This tool by CapCut is so simplified and straightforward that you don’t have to hassle with the usage. It comes with a straightforward usage and is super quick to use. You don’t have to register beforehand. Moreover, even if you’re totally new to the computer world, you can still use this tool and rock it! Just a couple of clicks, and you’ll end up with some of the most fascinating outputs.

Several Trending Styles At Your Fingertips

There are 3 awesome styles that CapCut supports. These are so trending that you can show off your results on the internet on your social media. People will love it! Image filters are getting a lot of popularity and attention, but there are hardly many tools that support styles that CapCut supports. Therefore, CapCut is unique!

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How Do You Transfer Styles To Your Images For Free?

The process is simple and straightforward. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Uploading

You need to upload your image on the server. To do that, visit the official website, sign in and choose AI image style transfer in the Magic Tool. And then drag and drop your image. The image will be uploaded and you’ll see a preview.

Step 2: Transfer Styles

Now you’ll see a list of styles on your right. You can click on any one at a time and click “transfer”. The process will begin and you’ll see the generated result in a few seconds.

Step 3: Play With Different Styles

It’s always fun and a good idea to try out different styles. Click on each style and then “transfer” to see how your image changes drastically.

Step 4: Download

Now hover the mouse on the image and click the download button. You’ll be required to sign into your account at this moment to continue.


If you’ve got an idea how to transfer styles to your images, what are you waiting for? CapCut is offering some of the coolest and most unique styles that your friends might now have tried out yet. Stay ahead in the trend and show off your filtered images on your social media for more public attention.

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