Lifestyle Choices That Have a Bigger Impact Than You Think

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Some lifestyle choices feel quite small in the moment, but the impact they have over the course of your life can be massive. Of course, everyone has the right to live the way they want, but if you’re interested in health, understanding these choices will elevate your efforts to live well. As such, check out the ‘little’ choices below that could start causing trouble as you get older.

Your Water Intake

How much water do you drink? The amount necessary is different for everyone; some need just under a litre per day, some need over 2 litres, and for some people the amount will vary. If you don’t drink enough water day by day, and don’t listen to your body when it’s asking for hydration, organs like your skin and kidneys could be affected. 

How You Brush Your Teeth

If you brush your teeth twice a day, you’re hitting the right strides. It’s best to also floss and use mouthwash at least once a day as well. However, if you choose to only brush once a day, you need to make sure you do so at the right time: before you go to sleep. 

Maintaining your oral hygiene is the best way to prevent dental implants in the future, but factors like genetics and diet will also play a role. Yet, the more you brush, floss, and apply a layer of fluorine protection, the stronger your teeth and gums will be. 

The Time You Head to Bed

It’s actually OK to head to bed late and then wake up late – after all, you’re still getting a good 7 to 8 hours, just at a different time of the day. However, if you’re constantly heading to bed at different times throughout the week, you’ll be getting infrequent hours of kip that are never the same. 

A lack of quality sleep has been linked to various conditions through various studies. From heart disease to diabetes and even depression, an infrequent amount of sleep can be very harmful. Whilst it’s easy to stay up for just a bit longer on the weekends, make sure you take into account how many times you’ve already done that during the week! 

Not Talking About Your Feelings

Mental health matters – talking about your feelings helps you take this seriously. Little things can build up and make you feel ten times worse over time. Even if you think you’ve got nothing to complain about, or if your problem feels a bit ‘silly’, make sure you get it out in some way. 

Bottled emotions can even cause physical effects. They add to the chronic stress response human beings can go through, which can make you very ill if it goes untackled for too long. Make sure you’re aware of how this can affect you in the long term; even just writing your feelings down can prevent your cortisol from rising too high! 

Little lifestyle choices can leave a large shadow. Keep this in mind. 

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