Planning Your Entertainment for a UK Getaway

London Mayfair district
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There’s something for everyone when it comes to planning your entertainment for a UK getaway. Use this guide to make the most of your stay, whether you want to explore outdoors or chill out inside.

Cultural sites

There are a wealth of cultural sites to be discovered in the UK. 

London is where culture is king, boasting ancient architecture like Westminster Abbey, a theatre devoted to authentic Shakespeare plays, and many world-class museums and art galleries. 

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is another exceptional destination for cultural heritage attractions, as is York which has a magnificent minster and grisly Viking past that will enthral children of all ages. 

Outdoor adventure

Make nature your playground during your trip to the UK. 

Opportunities for outdoor adventure abound, in the 15 national parks that offer walks of all lengths and difficulties and the wider countryside that’s dotted with protected National Trust properties and estates

The coastline is a favourite spot for outdoor entertainment. The hours will fly by, whether you’re birdwatching and fossil hunting, enjoying the sandy beaches, or chasing thrills at the amusement parks and arcades.

Indoor activities

‘Temperamental’ is a polite term for the weather in the UK, which can go from sunny to pouring rain in the blink of an eye. For moments when you want to hide away inside, make sure you’re prepared with indoor activities to keep everyone entertained. 

A good stock of board games is a must and a pack of playing cards which offer versatile options for various ages and abilities. Groups of adults can use their smartphones to access an online casino to play games like roulette, poker and blackjack from the comfort of their holiday stay. 

Bringing a DVD or downloaded version of your favourite film is always a good backup too. 

Wellness treatments

Wherever you’re staying in the UK, you’ll be within easy reach of excellent wellness treatments. 

Seek out your nearest spa and book yourself in for a relaxing massage and facial with international influences, or for a session enjoying the pools, steam rooms and saunas. 

The UK has several spa towns built around natural thermal springs that were thought to have medicinal benefits. A prime example is the city of Bath which has a Roman-era bathhouse dating back 2,000 years. At some of these destinations, visitors can still bathe and ‘take the waters’.

Culinary experiences

To take your trip over the edge, make sure to include some incredible culinary experiences. 

This could be as simple as building in time to sample traditional English fare such as heading to the seaside for fresh fish and chips or indulging in afternoon tea at a local café. 

You could also seek out special cooking classes which range from baking to chocolate-making, or fine dining experiences at one of the UK’s Michelin-star establishments.

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