Small East Coast Towns You’ll Want to Visit

Kennebunkport Lobster Boats
Kennebunkport Lobster Boats. Credit: Visit Maine

A road trip along the East Coast of the United States most often includes visiting Boston, New York, Portland, Miami and other major cities. However, if you change the route a little, you will find yourself in some small town with few people and cars, but there are many exciting things. Here’s our list of the best East Coast communities everyone needs to visit.

Marathon, Florida

A 2.5-hour drive from Miami is the small town of Marathon. It is known for being spread across 13 islands and is famous for its fantastic scenery. Arriving here by car, you can have a great weekend and enjoy your vacation. Marathon has its entertainment for every family member. On its territory, there are many restaurants and cafes where you can relax and admire the scenery, beaches, and ideal places for fishing; for lovers of more extreme recreation, diving and windsurfing are available here.

Aurora, New York

This small town is a must-visit for everyone. It is located near New York and can be reached by car in just 4 hours. If you do not have your vehicle, you can rent or purchase it at an auto auction in Sacramento and other US cities. When you arrive in Aurora, be sure to sit on the shores of Cayuga Lake. Here, you can listen to the silence and relax as much as possible. You can also see local attractions. The main one is Aurora Steam Grist Mill. It was built in 1817, and part of it still survives. In addition, the city has Mosher Farmstead, built at the end of the 19th century.

Beaufort, South Carolina

This city, which has 13 thousand inhabitants, will please everyone who visits it. It was founded in 1711, thanks to which it became the historical center of the entire state. There are many man-made attractions here that merge several architectural styles. If you prefer nature rather than stone buildings, Beaufort will also be an ideal place for relaxation. There are many unique natural objects on its territory, the most famous of which are the local swamps. They form a unique ecosystem not found in any other place in South Carolina. To explore them, you must use the unique Spanish Moss Trail, which will take you to the most amazing places. For lovers of a more traditional holiday, Beaufort offers various types of fishing, kayaking, and biplane flights.

Chatham, Massachusetts

This small town in Massachusetts is a point on the map where every self-respecting American should come. It is located near the ocean and has everything you need for a good rest. On the town’s territory, a unique lighthouse is the leading local attraction. It was built in the 19th century and carefully restored for history buffs. Everyone can book an excursion and visit the famous architectural site if desired. There is also a unique nature reserve on the outskirts of Chatham. It covers almost 8,000 acres and is home to many rare animal species. The most popular among visitors are gray seals. 

Meredith, New Hampshire

Locals call Meredith one of the most beautiful cities in New Hampshire. It is just 2 hours from Boston, so even beginners will have no problems choosing the correct travel route. Meredith is located on the shores of picturesque Lake Winnipesaukee. In summer, its banks are covered with dense green vegetation, which changes color in autumn and turns the city into a fabulously beautiful place. This is the best time of year to visit Meredith. In addition to nature, there is also much entertainment here. In addition to traditional visits to restaurants and cafes, everyone can kayak, go fishing, or take some incredible photos against the backdrop of the lake.

Princeton, New Jersey

This small town in New Jersey has become famous for its local university and its fantastic architecture. It is 1.5 hours from Philadelphia and New York, so getting to it is pretty straightforward. Visitors can temporarily travel back in time and see what New Jersey was like many years ago. If you’re more interested in the real thing, welcome to Princeton’s Main Street. You will find many modern shops and restaurants where you can buy souvenirs and try local food. The city also has several natural attractions. The main one is Lake Carnegie. It looks perfect anytime so that you can admire it 365 days a year.

Kennebunkport, Maine

This small town in Maine is a favorite among many locals and thousands of visitors. You can get there from Boston by car in less than 2 hours, so you definitely won’t get tired of this trip. Kennebunkport’s main feature is its many sandy beaches. Each has distinctive features so that all visitors will choose the best option. There are, of course, many shops and restaurants in the city. There are also several galleries and museums. Before heading home, don’t forget to ride on the vintage tram. It is the hallmark of Kennebunkport and will give you an unforgettable trip.

New Hope, Pennsylvania

Along the famous Delaware River is a small town called New Hope. It is not very popular with tourists, so you should visit it. The best way to get there is from Philadelphia. This trip by car will take you less than an hour. If you plan to depart from New York, you must spend about 100-110 minutes on the road. New Hope offers a cultural experience for all visitors, including visits to numerous museums, galleries and the local theatre. They are all interesting in their own way, so you need to pay attention to as many establishments as possible. For lovers of an active pastime, New Hope has prepared a variety of walking routes that will help you get to know Pennsylvania’s nature better. Everyone also has the opportunity to swim, kayak, and fish.

Mystic, Connecticut

If you are planning your road trip along the Atlantic coast, stop by Mystic. This small city is located 2 hours from Boston and New York. It is filled with various shops where you can buy whatever you want and restaurants serving the best seafood in the entire state. In addition to the above, Mystic is known for its beautiful scenery and variety of water activities. Thanks to this, everyone can have a good time, regardless of age or amount of money in their bank account.

Lake Placid, New York

If you drive north from New York, about 5 hours later, you will find yourself in Lake Placid. This small town is known as one of the centers of winter sports. It has hosted the Olympic Games twice and plans to host similar events. The most valuable thing for travelers is the abundance of natural attractions. It is unlikely that you will be able to see each of them in one trip, so you will have to return to Lake Placid several times. Using the numerous walking routes to explore the most exciting sites is best. They have a certain degree of complexity so that everyone can find a suitable option for themselves.

The United States’ East Coast is replete with many large cities where many of you have spent your weekends. However, in their shadows hides an even more significant number of small towns, many of which can offer you equally good holidays and unique entertainment for the whole family. If you carefully read our article, you have already chosen a location for your next car trip, which will definitely become a memorable event.

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