The Best Scenic Holiday Homes for Couples

View of a colorful cabin on the seaside in England, UK

As a couple, it’s important for you and your partner to spend some special time together and go on a romantic escape somewhere.

Therefore, when it comes to holidays, there’s so much to consider when choosing the best holiday home for your getaway. The holiday home you choose can be a huge factor in the success of your trip and could determine how memorable the experience is.

One of the most crucial things to look for when choosing a holiday home, is the type of scenic location you want to go to. Scenery can mean everything when aiming for a romantic atmosphere, so picking the right one is pivotal.

Therefore, this article will detail the best scenic holiday homes for sale, which are sure to make every couples’ romantic holiday, an unbeatable one.

Bay Homes

The first type of scenic holiday home which is great for couples, is a home on a bay. If you and your partner were to buy, for instance, a lodge or caravan on a bay, you would be opening yourselves up to a stay filled with endless romance and refreshing adventure.

There are various things you can do together, to not only spark a romantic mood, but also create some new memories to last a lifetime. For example, every morning when you wake up, you need only to step outside and you’re right on the beautiful shoreline of the bay. Strolls along the coast with your partner are the perfect way to gain some quality, intimate time together.

A late-night dip in the sea, or even a candlelit dinner in the fresh evening air outside, are only a few more of the ways that you and your partner can spend your romantic getaway at the bay.

The mesmerizing view of the sea from right outside your door is enough to help any couple build an unforgettable romantic atmosphere.

Forest Homes

Another scenic holiday home that can be essential for couples to visit, are homes located in forest areas. These homes enable you and your partner to have the perfect blend of modern comfort and luxury, and the incredible experience of nature. These holiday homes not only highlight the importance of our environment but reveal how alluring it can be.

Forest homes offer so much for couples, such as the fact that you can be isolated together, among the vast range of wildlife surrounding you outside.

The forest will allow couples to have the intimacy of a private location. Seeing the pure beauty of nature up close is sure to bring a fresh feeling of romance and ‘wow-factor’ to the everyday. This is essential to think about when looking for the best possible holiday home.

Also, should you and your partner wish, you could rent a couple of bicycles, and go on a trip to explore the natural landscape around you. This is sure to enlighten your understanding of nature and allow you to experience new things together – a sure foundation for any couple.

Lake Homes

The final scenic holiday home that is perfect for couples, is a home situated on a lake. These holiday homes provide a peaceful, tranquil experience for couples, whilst allowing them to indulge in any adventure, should the desire arise.

Firstly, the beautiful, still lake is most certainly an ideal location for a romantic evening meal. Sitting on your outdoor furniture and gazing across the lake with your partner is an experience that any couple would love to have on their holiday.

Also, for the more adventurous couples, there could be a range of different water sports available to try, so you not only get to see the beauty of the lake but experience it first-hand in the most fun manner possible.

With a calming view of the lake on your doorstep, all your days and evenings will be filled with a romantic atmosphere, as magical as the scenery around you.


Start exploring the range of different holiday homes Scotland has to offer, so that you and your partner can have a holiday experience to remember.

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