The Science Behind Lab Grown Diamonds

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The natural beauty of mined diamonds and other gems can be hard to beat. It is hard to believe they naturally form that way. However, scientists are perfecting lab-grown diamonds that rival the real thing and Rare Carat has plenty on offer. Consumers that visit Rare Carat can find these wonderful scientific creations for a fraction of the cost, but how are they made?

The Scientific Process Of Creating Diamonds.

There are many scientific aspects to the creation of diamonds before they can become beautiful pieces of jewelry. Even naturally grown diamonds in mines rely on physical processes and geology to turn carbon into diamonds. 

With lab-grown diamonds, everything becomes even more intense and clinical as technicians work to replicate the ideal conditions and grow real stones in a short space of time. While this has led to some backlash over the synthetic nature of the finished stones, there is no doubt that they are true diamonds. The precision in the scientific processes makes sure of that.

The Physics, Chemistry, and Technical Skill Behind Lab-Grown Diamonds. 

The process of turning carbon seeds into diamonds relies on perfect physical conditions. The molecules must be exposed to high pressure in a suitable environment to form diamond conditions. Additionally, this needs to happen at the optimal temperature. Naturally, this all happens deep underground. In the lab, technicians need to replicate temperatures of around 2,700 Fahrenheit with pressure above 870,000 pounds per square inch. This all takes place in specially created chambers. 

In many cases, labs will use chemistry to create the perfect synthetic diamond. For some, this starts with the early stages of growth through CVD (chemical vapor deposition) and ionized carbon gas. Many labs also use chemical treatments on diamonds to enhance their properties. This can ensure that lab diamonds have stronger attributes than their natural cousins. For example, it is possible to enhance the color of vibrant fancy-colored diamonds or allow for greater fluorescence under UV light.

Either way, labs must employ the very best technicians that understand the processes and intended results. It takes skill and care to grow these diamonds from seed in such a short space of time. These expert technicians and those in charge of research and development are sure to find even better ways to create the perfect artificial diamond that is the ideal substitute for unethical mined stones. 

Right now, the notable downside to this scientific process is the fact that there is still the risk of inclusions. There aren’t as many substantial cracks and flaws, but there is still the risk of feathers and imperfections from the pressure. It is also common to find small pinprick inclusions from metal deposits via the metal chambers. Yet, these are often only visible through a microscope.

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Turning Lab-grown Diamonds Into Jewelry.

Once these scientifically-generated diamonds are complete, it is down to the craftspeople and designers to create gems worthy of use in jewelry and other statement pieces. Any raw diamond has the potential to become something stunning with the right shape and attention to detail. 

Diamond cutters can add facets and steps while shaping these stones and getting them ready for the ideal setting. This means that there is everything from VVS1 near colorless Asscher cut diamonds to SI1 fancy colored radiant cut diamonds available when buyers shop at Rare Carat. 

Shop At Rare Carat To Wear A Scientific Creation With Pride.

Rare Carat is the number one marketplace for lab-grown stones. There is a massive range available with all kinds of carats and cuts to suit various tastes and budgets. There are plenty of affordable near colorless VVS to VS stones that are eye-clean at a fraction of the cost of mined stones. Alternatively, customers can use the sliders to opt for a more unique included stone with bold color or fluorescence.

Either way, the process is simple, and every matched stone comes with a detailed gemologist report, so there are no nasty surprises. It is this level of transparency and care that earns Rare Carat its 4.9/5 Google rating.

The science behind these lab-grown stones makes them highly appealing to anyone looking for statement jewelry. It takes hard work and precision to turn these carbon seeds into real diamonds. With the help of Rare Carat, anyone can find the perfect match and enjoy these modern scientific creations.

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