The Wink Bar Journey: A Fusion of Beauty, Wellness, and Empowerment in NYC

Wink Bar Union Square NYC

Meet Joslin Wang, the visionary behind Wink Bar, an immersive beauty and wellness space that transcends conventional boundaries. Wink Bar currently has three locations in NYC and recently celebrated the rebrand and relaunch of their location in the heart of Union Square. The two additional locations are in Midtown on East 49th Street and on Union Street in Flushing, Queens.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the founder’s inspiring beauty and wellness journey, the origins of Wink Bar’s conception, how Wink Bar stays ahead of trends and adapts to the evolving needs of its clientele, and its pivotal role in fostering confidence and well-being.

Can you share the inspiration behind starting Wink Bar in NYC? What motivated you to create a beauty and wellness space like Wink Bar? 

I was always obsessed with getting my lashes done in high school, and I would always have my own idea of what type of shape and designs I wanted for my eyes. I would always have my little drawings and tell the lash tech what lengths and shapes I want her to create! That’s where everything started. It eventually progressed into a beauty and wellness space after battling depression for about 3 years and I kept trying to heal myself in many different ways. 

One thing I really enjoy and actually makes me happy is to make other people feel good and look good through my hands, doing lash designs for them, and when they are satisfied with the results always makes me feel really happy, from the positive energy exchanged and shared in these moments. I knew I wanted to start a beauty and wellness community; a safe space for everyone to share good energy and feel good, look good! 

Wink Bar focuses on both beauty and wellness. How do you see these two aspects intersecting in the services and products offered at Wink Bar? 

At Wink Bar, the intersection of beauty and wellness is seamlessly incorporated into our services and products. We believe that enhancing one’s beauty should go hand-in-hand with promoting overall well-being. Our offerings prioritize both aesthetic results and the holistic health of our clients, creating a harmonious balance between beauty and wellness.

Wink Bar emphasizes the use of natural and organic ingredients in its products. How do you source these ingredients, and what challenges and successes have you encountered in maintaining this commitment to natural beauty? 

We meticulously source natural and organic ingredients, prioritizing ethical suppliers and sustainable practices. While challenges may arise in ensuring a consistent supply chain, our commitment to natural beauty has resulted in successes such as fostering a healthier environment, gaining customer trust, and contributing to the well-being of our clientele through clean and mindful product formulations.

Joslin Wang Wink Bar
Joslin Wang

Which treatments would you like to highlight that have been recent customer favorites?

Our most favorite lash design is called: “the anime lash set. “This is our own unique lash set. It gives you a natural look, but you can still see a big difference with brightening up the eyes and reshaping the eyes, it’s actually been everyone’s favorite in 2023.

The beauty and wellness industry is constantly evolving. How does Wink Bar stay ahead of trends and adapt to the changing needs and preferences of your customers? 

Wink Bar stays ahead of industry trends by actively researching emerging developments, listening to customer feedback, and engaging in continuous training for our team. One of our main training sessions is to learn the eye shapes and really get connected with each client. This adaptability allows us to swiftly incorporate new techniques, technologies, and preferences into our services, ensuring that we consistently meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Wink Bar interior NYC beauty wellness destination
Images courtesy of Wink Bar

Can you discuss the role of digital marketing and social media in the growth of Wink Bar, and how do you leverage these platforms to connect with your target audience?

Digital marketing and social media play a pivotal role in Wink Bar’s growth by providing a dynamic platform to connect with our target audience. We leverage these channels to showcase our services, designs, share beauty and wellness tips, and engage in meaningful interactions with our community.

The strategic use of digital marketing enhances brand visibility, fosters customer relationships, and allows us to stay connected and responsive to the evolving preferences of our audience.

As the founder of Wink Bar, what has been the most rewarding aspect of building and growing this business, and what challenges have you faced along the way? How have these experiences shaped the vision and future direction of Wink Bar?

The most rewarding aspect of building Wink Bar has been witnessing the positive impact on our clients’ confidence and well-being. Challenges, including initial resource constraints and market competition, have fueled our determination to innovate and maintain high standards. These experiences have shaped Wink Bar’s vision, emphasizing resilience, customer-centricity, and a commitment to continuous improvement as we navigate the dynamic landscape of the beauty and wellness industry.

Where are some of your favorite spots to dine out in NYC and why?

There are so many amazing places, if I would need to pick, my favorite restaurant is Casa Mono, it’s actually not too far from Wink Bar Union Square and the food quality is amazing, and I love tapas.

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