Visiting Liverpool for the First Time? These Are the Places You Need to See

View of Royal Liver Building, England
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Welcome to Liverpool, one of the most popular cities in the UK. Liverpool is a vibrant place that entertains visitors of all tastes and has amazing activities to attend. You might have heard that Liverpool is the home of The Beatles, but the city has much more to offer. Liverpool has one of the most impressive collections of Grade I listed buildings from the entire UK, and here you will also find the largest cathedral in Britain.

There are a lot of activities to try here, like delving into the past of one of the most iconic bands of all time or watching a football game at Anfield, one of the most iconic stadiums from all around the globe. 

Liverpool is always a good idea, as you have many things to do, like the ones mentioned below. 

Visit the Royal Albert Dock

Albert Dock is a place you must visit in Liverpool, as it is a top attraction. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, opened in 1846. It is located near the riverside and is home to one of the UK’s largest Grade I listed buildings. But the story behind the dock is quite dark, as the dock had a major part in the British Slave Trade. Albert Dock is a reminder of Liverpool’s rich industrial history, with many warehouses and docks around the waterfront. 

Also, this location was the first non-combustible warehouse system worldwide, using brick and iron instead of wood. Historically, Albert Dock was among the most innovative docks around the globe and a front-runner in hydraulic cranes. 

You will find many museums and restaurants there, so make sure you have time to visit as much as possible. Liverpool is a visited place by the Londoners, as they have the chance to experience something else from the bustle of the capital. If that is your case, and you want to fly from London to Liverpool for a quick getaway, you need to know you can leave your car at Stansted Airport parking until you return so that you will be sure that your vehicle will be safe.

Check The Beatles Story

While you are at the Albert Dock, you need to learn more about the famous band and visit The Beatles Story. The Beatles Story is a must-visit museum in the Albert Dock, and it focuses on the creation of the famous band and the subsequent solo careers of the members. The Beatles Story is the largest permanent exhibition dedicated to the popular band. The museum is a discovering journey of the culture, story and music of the ones who changed forever the music industry.

The museum has audio guides in ten languages and collections of things owned by the fab-four, including George Harrison’s first guitar, John Lennon’s round glasses and other memorabilia. 

Many tourists who arrive in other cities, like Manchester, also visit Liverpool, as the distance is close, and they want to see The Beatles Story exhibition. So, if you visit Manchester, you can also try that, as you will surely not be disappointed. Just leave your car at the Manchester Airport parking and be prepared to learn more about your favourite band. 

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Go to Anfield Stadium

For all the football enthusiasts, Anfield is a famous stadium and a top thing you need to do in Liverpool. Football is a big deal in the UK, and one of the most loved teams is Liverpool FC. This team has won an impressive number of trophies, which is why it is one of the most important football teams worldwide. So, if you are a fan, you must take an exclusive tour of Anfield and learn more about the football clubs that made history over the years. 

The stadium also offers many other experiences, like meeting Liverpool FC legends, receiving their signature on a photograph, and the possibility of having a meal on the ground. 

Admire the Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is one of the town’s most important attractions and the largest Anglican cathedral in Europe. It is a spectacular building, where you can enter for free. But if you want a better experience, you can also book an audio tour to improve your experience. Liverpool Cathedral was built in 1904 and designed by Giles Gilbert Scott, a famous architect who also designed England’s iconic red telephone box. 

Liverpool Cathedral has an impressive dimension, with an external length of 189 metres. The cathedral also hosts many community events and services, and you will have a truly amazing experience here. 

Explore the Walker Art Gallery

Liverpool is also home to one of the largest art collections in Britain, so you need to visit the Walker Art Gallery while you are here. The gallery has European art from the 14th century, including work by Rembrandt, Hockney and Lowry. 

The gallery is a wonderful cultural hub, as it holds an extensive number of masterpieces, including sculptures, paintings, and even fashion. You can attend daily tours, family workshops, temporary displays, or regular events here. 

Also, this is a great place to learn more about the impressive history and art of the amazing Liverpool. 

Final words

Liverpool is an amazing city to visit all year round, as it always has something unique to offer. This town has a buzzing music scene and impressive architecture that will surely make you fall in love with it. Home to successful football clubs and the famous band The Beatles, Liverpool is one of the most legendary places in the UK.

Besides the main attractions, the city also has one of the best restaurants where you will enjoy delicious food. The city is a paradise for music lovers and is also considered a capital of culture, as it has many museums, galleries and a vibrant nightlife.

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