What to Expect If You Move to New York

If you are thinking of moving to New York, you may be excited and positive about a great future. Indeed, there is every reason to be anxious and tense as you move to the capital of the world. 

New York is one of the most amazing places to work and live. The place is full of opportunities and experiences that you might not get anywhere else. However, relocating to such a big state comes with numerous challenges. 

For instance, hiring commercial movers is one of the best ways to settle smoothly in New York. Since they are organized and reliable, your household or office items will be moved properly and on time. In addition, they will ensure all your things are well arranged. 

Therefore, unless you know what to expect, you will have a difficult time living or working in New York. 

Here are vital tips that will ensure you have a hassle-free relocation to New York. 

1. Expect high monthly rent and limited living space

Living or working in New York is a challenging assignment. This is because real estate prices and the cost of living are very high. In addition, most areas are congested and the housing choices are limited. 

Relocating to New York means you will live in a small apartment with an unreasonable monthly rent and controlled living space. So you would not be too shocked, it will be helpful to check the rental market trends in New York to have an idea on how much budget you will be allocating for rent and where in New York you will be renting.

2. Expect to tour many notable sites

If you love history, New York has many historic sites to visit. There are mansions, museums, libraries, churches, and many famous parks to visit. In addition, many wealthiest families in America have homes and summer houses in New York

This means there are many sites to keep you busy throughout your stay in New York. 

3. You need to engage professional movers

Relocating to New York without engaging NYC movers is only possible if you have nothing to move but simple items. If you decide to drive a truck full of bulky appliances, heavy furniture, and other large items in New York without previous experience, it will be upsetting.

The best option is to hire household or office movers who have the experience and the right tools to make the moving process stress-free. 

However, ensure you compare offers, customer ratings, and their affiliations to make sure you are dealing with trustworthy professional movers. 

4. New York is a hiker’s paradise

Moving to New York is a dream-come-true for hike lovers. There are many great hiking places in New York. For example, you visit the Adirondack Mountains, Catskill, and many others. 

Luckily, New York is scattered with many state preserves, lakes, and mountains for people who love adventure. Apart from maintenance, there are many parks with remarkable walking paths and relaxing gardens. 

5. It is a wine state

If you have never tried New York wine, you will love the taste. New York wine is one of the best wines in the world. From Finger Lakes Riesling to Long Island Rose, there are many great wines in New York.

Wine lovers all over the world take winery trips to experience the best wines in the world. 

6. You can find affordable homes in New York

New York is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. However, you can find an affordable place to live. Do not assume that all apartments in New York are expensive or unaffordable. 

Depending on the areas you choose to live in, house rent and commuter fees are different. Therefore, it is important to research before moving or settling in New York.

Man moving boxes into moving truck

7. Driving in New York is not easy

If you plan to use your car in New York, be ready to face unfriendly drivers. New York drivers are some of the most aggressive in the world. 

Whether you will be walking or using your car, be careful on the roads. For instance, you need to be cautious when crossing city roads. Most New York drivers do not obey the road signs. Also, do not ignore a hoot just because you are correct. 

8. You might not use your car in New York

Many people do not use their cars in New York. This is because the available parking slots are expensive and they are few. Thus, you may find it challenging to use your personal car.

The good news is that New York has a very reliable public transport system. Since you may not use your car, you need to know more about the subway. Visit the stations and check whether it is suitable for you. Also, you can download the system map to be safe. 

9. When it rains, it pours in New York

New York is one of the states in America that experiences a lot of rain. Hence, you should be ready for the rain. Make sure you have enough raincoats, boots, and other rain materials. 

According to various studies, expect much rain in May and less rain in September. So, if you do not like rain, you might reconsider your move. 

10. There are many beaches in New York

For beach lovers, New York State is an astounding destination. Even though most of the places might be crowded on weekends and holidays, there are many outstanding beaches in NY. 

Since the beaches have long stretches and beautiful edges, you can be sure to have a good experience. You can hike, fish, kayak, surf, and do much more at New York beaches.

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