What to See and Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles downtown
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‘The city of dreamers’, ‘A constellation of microclimates’, ‘Stanley Cup champs’ – Los Angeles in California is nothing but a wonder. Its vast and sprawling territory is like a huge microcosm, with its unique atmosphere, distinctive neighborhoods, and numerous faces.

What are the things to explore in Los Angeles? Let’s follow the guide.

What is there to see in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is huge; it is divided into 10 major areas, each one being culturally different and thus, offering different experiences.

Beverly Hills

Probably, the most recognizable part of LA is Beverly Hills. Even if you have never been to LA, you have partially discovered its luxurious lifestyle while watching ‘Clueless,’ ‘Meet the Black,’ ‘Pretty Lady,’ ‘Valentine’s Day,’ ‘Beverly Hills’, etc. Beverly Hills is known for its immense shopping area, celebrity residential areas, parks and gardens, and Rodeo Drive (famous tall palm trees along the road).

When visiting Beverly Hills, you are sure to take a photo of a Hollywood sign, visit a famous Cheese store in Beverly Hills, which is heaven for cheese lovers, have a tour around Spadena House (The Witch’s House), and have a cupcake from Sprinkles ATM.


Koreatown is never asleep. It attracts tourists with its vibrant life 24/7 and the biggest concentration of bars, clubs, karaoke, etc. Right after energetic outings, you can have a relaxing experience with Korean Spa Los Angeles, which will let your body and mind let go of all the worries and simply enjoy the peaceful moment.


If you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles, a visit to Burbank should be on your itinerary. Known as the “Media Capital of the World,” Burbank offers a unique blend of entertainment industry attractions and small-town charm. Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, Burbank boasts a vibrant downtown area with an array of shops, restaurants, and theaters, providing a more relaxed and accessible alternative to the hustle and bustle of LA.

Additionally, with its scenic parks and close proximity to the beautiful Verdugo Mountains, Burbank offers plenty of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. Whether you’re a pop culture fan or simply looking for a charming, friendly atmosphere, Burbank adds a unique and enriching dimension to your Southern California adventure.


Huntington Library, Botanical Gardens, numerous art collections – Pasadena welcomes its visitors with elegance and comfort, as the number of cultural landmarks will exceed your expectations.

While enjoying the cultural explorations in the Pasadena Museum of California Art, or Pacific Asia Museum, you can also enjoy the fresh beauty of orange trees which start their flourishing in the middle of winter.


Hollywood needs no introduction. According to Tetiana Pavlichenko, a travel blogger, it is visited by around 50,000 tourists daily, and the numbers keep growing (bringing more than $10 billion gain). Its entertainment area is situated between Sunset, Wilshire, and Melrose. You can visit Griffith Park, Wax Museum, LA Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, and Farmer’s Market – there is no lack of things to see, but rather a lack of time for walking.

One of the most iconic places is The Hollywood Walk of Fame with more than 2,765 five-pointed terrazzo-and-brass stars embedded in the sidewalks. It extends to 18 blocks overall (15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, California).


Venice in Italy is a magnet for tourists, just like its sibling in LA. It is a well-known resort, with numerous canals, beaches, and an Ocean Front Walk – the most iconic place for a visit. It will take you on a 4 km walk along the picturesque waterfront, with performers, fortune-tellers, and vendors entertaining the pedestrians and earning their living from tourists.


Los Angeles is one of the dream places of California and the USA on the whole. Like many other cities in the US, it features different communities and cultures, each one creating a unique atmosphere of a place.
Los Angeles is multi-faced, you can have fun in Koreatown, have a tour around iconic spots featured in the movies, or simply enjoy the breeze while walking along the Ocean Front Walk – Los Angeles has something to offer for every mood you may have.

Even when visiting it for the very first time, you always have a ‘Deja Vu’ feeling, as a lot of the sports you may have seen in the movies. Now it is time for first-hand experiences.

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