4 Strategies to Recruit Top Talent

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With the new year fast approaching and markets opening up, many businesses are ready and willing to take on new team members. But with so many open positions, prospective applicants have more freedom to shop around and find the right professional fit.

This means that companies need to carefully examine how they currently attract new employees and find creative new ways to show employees fresh to the job market that a worthwhile opportunity awaits them.

Lucrative Benefits Packages

Providing a solid benefits package for your employees is certainly a key consideration when you’re thinking about how to bring in top talent, and that means knowing what types of benefits actually make an impact on your team.

To provide the best benefits package possible for your employees, a good first step is performing at least a brief audit of your current benefits packages so you’re sure you understand how your team feels about their benefits. Then, you can use this information to inform any changes and employees will appreciate you actively taking them into consideration.

Healthcare measures including mental health resources haven’t always been provided to employees, but more members of the current job market see these benefits as must-haves.

Remote Working Opportunities

Speaking of benefits packages, opportunities for remote working can also serve as great ways to attract new applicants from untapped talent pools. Being able to hire from around the country or the world means you have more options to find the right employee with the right specialty.

After a major shift in working conditions and some industries shifting completely to remote work, members of the job market are starting to view remote working options as a necessity since they’ve been able to spend more time with family and friends or pursue their interests.

Some business owners might be skeptical of hiring remotely, but there are ways to verify employment history in order to determine whether an employee is a good match ahead of time. Many businesses have actually seen improvements in productivity after implementing remote working measures and flexible schedules, which suits most employees well.

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Making the Most of Referrals

One of the best ways to find the right fit for open roles at your company is to lean on your team members and access their network by incentivizing applicant referrals. Offering a referral bonus is becoming commonplace for teams and the benefits are numerous.

One of the advantages of tapping your team’s current network is that they’ll obviously know more about the applicant’s working style and personality, so you can judge whether the relationship will work out and save time.

Referrals often end up being long-term employees and can easily integrate with your team’s culture and workflow. There are plenty of ways to verify employment history and background, but having referrals is often a great start and can be a huge help to hiring managers because they’re usually more likely to connect with a qualified applicant. Resumes don’t always accurately reflect someone’s abilities and habits, which is another part of why it’s useful to incentive referrals.

Demonstrate Your Businesses Social Impact

Another tactic that will help recruiters attract young talent entering the job market in the upcoming years is to ensure that they’ve clearly communicated how their business helps the community and other ways the professional team makes an impact. Members of Gen Z and other prospective employees are prioritizing businesses that set out to make a difference, so it’s important to work with your team if you are a recruiter and find salient ways to communicate your business’s efforts to give back on your website and potentially in the job posting.

With all of these strategies in mind, one of the themes that should come into play when devising a recruitment strategy is using feedback from your current employees and the market and offering roles that address these demands while moving your company’s mission forward.

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