How to Maximize Your Weekend Getaway

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Are you planning a weekend getaway? With only so much time to enjoy your trip, how can you make the most out of your short time away from home? Here are a few ways you can make sure to maximize your weekend getaway:

Book a direct flight

While flights with layovers may be cheaper, it’s a good idea to book a direct flight if you’re trying to save time. After all, you’ll get there sooner and have way more time to spare to enjoy your travels.

Finding a direct flight to your travel destination could mean having to go to a different airport than where you usually fly out of. For example, if you live in San Diego, CA, and want to go to Chicago, browsing flights from LAX to Chicago can help you spend less money and score some amazing tickets.

Save layovers for international trips across the ocean and book direct flights for closer destinations.

Make an itinerary

While it can be fun to go with the flow on trips, it can be beneficial to make an itinerary on a shorter one. This allows you to get fun activities in and enjoy your experience. From booking your lodging in advance to reserving tables at a restaurant or tickets to a museum, there’s a lot to do. With such little time to make the best of your trip, it’s smart to prepare ahead of time.

This is especially true if it’s a group of friends visiting a destination and you want to be sure to have a great experience all together.

Ask friends for recommendations

You can read all you want about a place, but there are always those secret places or amazing experiences that no one writes about. If you want to get to know a place and make the most of your trip there, ask friends who have visited for any recommendations they may have.

You may even have friends who are from the city you want to visit. They’re bound to have an insider look at the city and can help you get a lot out of your visit.

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Take care of yourself

While it’s fun to party in new places, drink in moderation if you also want to enjoy your days exploring.  Drinking too much alcohol or trying to pack too much stuff into your travels or time there could make you tired. No one wants to visit a destination only to end up sleeping away their time there. You can always save the partying for your time back home.

Go with the flow

While we did say you should have an itinerary, it’s sometimes best to simply go with the flow. From speaking to strangers to finding places you didn’t know about, there is something to be said about just letting things happen on a trip.

This is definitely something to do on a trip where you have no unique places in mind to visit and simply want to get away from your routine and explore a new destination. Ask for recommendations from locals or simply rent a bike in Chicago, or other fun cities, and ride around town to find unique places and things to do.

In Conclusion

Do you have a trip in mind that you want to go on? Is this weekend one that you want to book a getaway for? While weekends don’t offer a lot of time, it can be great to escape work and your routine to enjoy a new city and see new places. Simply stepping away from what you normally do can be great for your mental health. Consider the tips mentioned above with regards to how to maximize your weekend getaway!

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