5 Tips for Better Sleep While Traveling

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You’re a traveler who loves the excitement of visiting new and exotic places. Perhaps you love flying to new countries, embarking on long-haul sailing adventures, or driving cross-country.

However you may travel, you may find common ground with other travelers like you: sleep is hard to come by. It may be the excitement of a new place, or it may be jet lag. It could be the noise in a location or the discomfort of a new bed.

Either way, these tips below can help you get better sleep while traveling:

Sound Machine

As you go on a road trip or even on a trip across the globe, you may find some hotels or locations to be quite noisy. Noises such as horns honking, or dogs barking can disrupt your sleep like nothing else. While you have control over your bedroom at home, you can’t change things at a hotel or Airbnb.

Something that could help you to block out that noise is to override it with more soothing sounds. This can be accomplished with a sleep sound machine. White noise is highly effective in providing a steady soothing sound that helps you to drift off to sleep while keeping the jarring sounds of traffic and other distractions away.

Adjust your sleep schedule pre-trip

If you’re going on a trip to the other side of the world, there’s something called jet lag that makes sleep feel impossible. It’s often suggested that you start adjusting your sleep each night a few days before your trip, going to bed earlier and earlier each night, depending on your destination.

Upon arriving in a new destination, adjust your plans to the day and night schedule there. If you know you’ll be landing in the evening, avoid sleeping while on the plane.  

Take some melatonin

Sometimes your body may need a little support to get to sleep and that’s alright. If you find that the usual tricks don’t work, consider taking a natural supplement of melatonin to help you drift off to sleep. You don’t need a prescription, and you don’t have to worry about it causing you grogginess the next day as some sleeping pills do.

Thus, some travellers might need to bring their maintenance medicine, managing medication while on a trip would be a lot more efficient if you use a pill organizer. The ones from Ikigai Cases are of high quality, check it out.

Eat well

Eating healthy foods and snacking on nutritious snacks can help your body feel better. It’s not uncommon to eat whatever you can grab during a trip, but eating healthy before and during the trip can help you avoid stomach discomfort or sluggishness, all of which can affect how you sleep. Whether you’re traveling with kids or traveling alone, pack snacks and food that help you feel good.

Bring a pillow and blanket

If you find yourself cold on flights or are sharing a vehicle on a road trip and don’t have control over the air flow, you may want to pack a light blanket. If you plan on sleeping on your trip to catch up on some rest, it’s wise to plan ahead and make it as comfortable as possible.

From an inflatable pillow to a soft blanket, pack a little sleep kit that will make resting while traveling that much easier. This can be helpful for long flights at night where you’ll be arriving in the morning to a restorative resort and want to make sure you feel rested upon arrival.

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In Conclusion

Sleep doesn’t have to escape you anymore when it comes to your travel. With these tips above, you can get the rest you need when you want it. While you may need to make a little extra room in your luggage for your “sleep aids,” when you find yourself feeling great after sleeping well, it will be more than worth it. A trip where you get enough sleep is certainly a more enjoyable one than it would be otherwise!

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