How To Dress Up Your Bedroom

The one place you can go in the home for ultimate privacy and relaxation is your bedroom. It’s the space you sleep, the space you are often most intimate and it’s the space you can step into and instantly breathe out. It’s a safe room for thinking, crying, reading, dance parties and more, and it should reflect your personality at the same time.

This is a room that’s solely yours and making it a sumptuous and beautiful place to be is just the beginning of having a bedroom that’s dressed up to the nines. 

Your bed is often the biggest furniture piece of the bedroom, so dressing up the rest of the room around it is the biggest trick that you could pull off. Pick a headboard of your own taste with matching bed legs from Hairpin Leg Co. You want to make sure that you can infuse your personality into the bedroom while also making sure that it’s a calm space.

Perhaps you want something more colourful rather than something plain. Maybe you want to think about something that matches – with the furniture matching your bed, and the best windows shutters for your home painted the same colour as the accents in the room.

Your bedroom should be on the top of your priority list for a home makeover, and you can dress up a boring bedroom and transform it into a space that you really want to be in. Below, we’ve got some top tips to help you to do just this!

blue bedroom kilkea castle
Blue Bedroom in the castle. Courtesy of Kilkea Castle
  • Modernise the space. The furniture you have right now can be upgraded to make the space have cleaner lines and more of a sleek look. Your mismatched pieces may look great, but if it’s been a while since you were last looking at upgrading your furniture, then it’s important that you consider how you can make the furniture more modern. If you don’t have the budget to go all out with new furniture, get out the paint and give the furniture that you have new life. With a lick of paint and a change of handles/knobs, you can instantly give your room a makeover.
  • Go with a more uniform look. Ideally, you want your materials to match. So, if you have wooden furniture, then wooden shutters on the windows will look stunning. If you have a bed that’s made of a metal frame, then you may find that a grey/silver furniture match would work. When you give your furniture a uniform look, the whole room becomes more uniform as a result. 
  • Go with textures. Rugs, curtains, pillows, blankets – all of these things help you to add layers and texture to your home. This is a good thing! You want to dress your bed, but add more pillows and throws to it to dress it up entirely. You can choose thick rugs that you can sink your toes into, and you can wrap the headboard in a fabric, too, that will create a big focal point for the room and make your bed stand right out!
  • Think about your lighting. You can really make a room look cosy by ignoring the ceiling light beyond a shade, and adding lamps. Oversized hanging lamps, bedside lamps and more all give the room a touch of ambience and make it a more beautiful space. You should also consider ensuring that your bed is under or close to a window. The windows should bring in as much natural light as possible, and you can ensure that you do this by keeping the windows clear of furniture.
  • Think about contrasts. To really make the bedroom a sumptuous and beautiful space, you should consider choosing contrasting colours. Think pale pinks with subtle silvers and grey to give the room a modern but soft makeover. When you pair your colours with the carpet and the rest of the bedroom, you get to create a space that stands out and looks great in no time at all.
  • Change all your hardware. For the furniture, think about the door handles and the wall switches for the lights. You can change all of these for something that looks and feels better, and you can even brighten the space in an instant when you have these changes made in the bedroom. Even the older furniture pieces can benefit from an upgrade, but if it’s antique don’t change them at all!
  • Add a little artwork. You want to dress up the bedroom, so making your room a space that reflects your creativity is easier when you use a large canvas or a series of other photographs. Or you can go for a unique decor piece that speaks to your interest like a medieval firearm replica, a bust of a renowned person you admire, or a vintage movie poster.

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