5 Ways to Style Emerald Jewelry with Your Bridesmaid Outfit

Emerald Jewelry

The vivid green color of Emerald makes it a popular gemstone, especially with royalty. The high green saturation gives a pop of color that can be matched or used as a contrast with your outfit. The most precious emeralds have evenly distributed, pure green to bluish-green hues. So, can emerald jewelry be a good choice to style your bridesmaids’ outfits? Definitely. Green is trending as a wedding color, especially with couples-to-be preferring to exchange their vows amid nature.

But that’s not the only reason. Green is also a trending color choice for bridesmaid outfits. On the other hand, it can seamlessly blend with the color of the wedding décor, such as the flowers and invitations. So, go ahead and adorn your bridesmaids in emerald jewelry to add to the harmony of your wedding theme.

Emerald is also the May birthstone. So, if you’re planning a May wedding, it could be the perfect gemstone for bridesmaids’ jewelry. However, emerald jewelry is not restricted to summer weddings alone. The gem glows with the color of nature and earth, which makes it a good choice for every season.

Emeralds can also send good vibes at your wedding. The gemstones can represent the evergreen bond between you and your husband-to-be. It is this evergreen quality of the gem that once made it a favorite of Cleopatra, who used it in her royal jewelry.

Want the right gemstone jewelry for a royal wedding? Choose emeralds. Bejewel not only yourself in green but also your bridesmaids. Here are 5 options to style your bridesmaids’ outfits with emerald jewelry.

1.     Mint Green Dress

Do you plan to have a wedding in a meadow? Then choose matching mint green dresses for your bridesmaids. For an elegant look, pick off-shoulder full-length rayon dresses. You can choose them in the classic A-line cut for a flowy look.

Now adorn your girls in sterling silver emerald two-piece jewelry sets. Choose one that comprises a solitaire emerald birthstone necklace and an emerald gemstone ring. The minimalism of the solitaire set will suit the mute shade of the bridesmaid outfits and let you shine.

You can also wear emeralds as your wedding jewelry. The gemstone is said to open the heart chakra and promote balance, harmony, and peace in relationships.

2.     Dark Green Dress

Do you wish to host your wedding on the beach? Then, pick dark green satin dresses for your loved ladies to create a brilliant contrast with the sand. Give them an edge by choosing dresses that come in spaghetti straps and deep slits. The style will look gorgeous.

Now complete the bridesmaids’ look with jewelry. Gold sets a vibrant contrast to dark green. So, for each bridesmaid, choose a matching yellow gold over sterling silver heart jewelry set of an emerald birthstone necklace, gemstone ring, and stud earrings. The lustrous metal will mimic the color of the sand and go well with the shimmery outfit. Find unique earrings here.

Emerald can be a positive gemstone for your wedding. It is believed to promote successful love with integrity and loyalty.

3.     Sage Dress

Sage is a cool version of green, often with a subtle blue undertone. If you wish to plan your wedding near a lake or any other water body, choose sage as the theme color. The soft tone has an earthy vibe that makes it apt for natural wedding settings.

Sage is also a trending color for bridesmaid dresses. For a graceful look, choose strapless silk sage dresses. You can make things fascinating with mismatched options. For instance, if you have four bridesmaids, choose dresses in vineyard green, willow, seagrass, and kiwi. These are variations of the main color and will look pleasantly unique.

Pick emerald jewelry in a classic design to pair with the outfits. For instance, choose matching halo emerald birthstone necklaces and gemstone rings in sterling silver. A combination of the green gem with zirconia will create a splendid contrast.

Emerald can also be meaningful for your wedding since it is said to bring domestic bliss, growth, and prosperity to one’s life.

4.     Olive Green Dress

Olive green can also be a good choice for bridesmaid dresses, especially if you wish to host a traditional church wedding. For a fashionable pick, you can opt for V-neck mesh ruffle maxi dresses in a wrap style.

Choose emerald jewelry for your bridesmaids in a sophisticated design to pair with their dresses. For instance, you can pick a cushion-cut emerald gemstone ring and an octagonal emerald birthstone necklace for them. The necklace will enhance the neckline of the outfit.

You, too, can wear emerald on the special day. After all, the gemstone is believed to help the wearer give and receive selfless love and bestow foresight.

5.     Emerald Green Dress

You can’t go wrong with emerald-green dresses for your bridesmaids since you have chosen the same gemstone for their jewelry. You can choose a vintage theme for your wedding and choose the décor accordingly. You can then get matching vintage ball gowns for your ladies. These will look elegant if you choose velvet as the material for the dresses for a royal touch.

Pick emerald jewelry in the classic teardrop shape to maintain the regal theme. For instance, you can choose a teardrop emerald birthstone necklace and pear-cut stud earrings for your bridesmaids.

Emerald jewelry will perfectly match the vintage wedding theme since the stone is an ancient one. In fact, in ancient times, the gem was regarded as a token of fortune and good luck. So, you too can wear an emerald gemstone wedding ring.

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