6 Must Try Adventures in the Australian Outback

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Australia is vast in iconic sites and adventures of its kind. If you thought the coast, wildlife, and mountains are all to see in Australia, you are mistaken; The Outback has a lot to offer. From never-seen-before sites to historical locations and lots of adventures to try, you indeed have tons of options to explore.  

The outback primarily consists of the Australian interior and sparsely populated areas. Being a large area, it has unique features and spots to see. That said, here are five must-try adventures in the Australian outback:

Start With a Train Ride

For your trip to Australia to be as comfortable as possible, you wouldn’t want to miss the train. There are diverse scenic landscapes to view as you cross the city to get out to the outback. In particular, The Ghan train offers one of the most luxurious rides, traveling from Adelaide to Darwin via Marla, Alice Springs, and Katherine.  

While on board, take a seat next to a window so you can have an obstructed view of the spectacular countryside terrain. You will surely be in awe of the pastoral hues stretching through the southern hills and plains towards the rusty red center.

Visit Uluru

Uluru homes the famous Uluru Kata Tjuta national park. You have probably seen this gigantic rock on postal cards and brochures. The red monolith looms about 1141 feet tall, forming the park’s centerpiece. 

Besides the breathtaking scenery, the rock bears numerous writings believed to have been made by the ancestors. For the best view, arrive at the site before the sun sets. This way, you can glimpse the Kata Tjuta rocks transforming as the sun moves across the sky.

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Tour Broken Hill

Broken Hill lies to the extreme west of outback New South Wales. The name comes from the visual appearance of the several hills, which appear to have a break within them. It’s the longest-inhabited mining city in Australia, the reason why it’s famous. Its history dates back to 1883 when silver ore was discovered by explorers.  

If you can recall from history, it’s where the Battle of Broken Hill of 1915 was fought, which claimed four lives and left several others wounded. Visiting the place is a perfect way to relive Australia’s rich history. And while at it, consider making stopovers at the intriguing little towns scattered across the range and interacting with the locals. Its flora and fauna will also captivate your imagination. Finally, stop at the fascinating lush wetlands in white Leeds.

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Explore Desert Hiking Trails

If you love hiking, you will not fall short of a hike experience in the outback. The legendary Larapinta, located in Central Australia, Northern Territory, has a 223 km trail you may want to try. This trail follows the high ridges of Mc Donnel that give you a clear view of the ancient formation of the terrain. 

While up there, you get an aerial view of the Australian outback. This desert hiking trail is usually hot during the day; thus, you should avoid hiking around mid-morning. Maybe try an evening hike. But still, it pays to get appropriately layered for the trek, just in case of unprecedented wind and rain.

Witness The Staircase to The Moon

You will have to wait until sunset for this phenomenal and breathtaking experience. It’s the reflection of the sun’s rays on Roebuck Bay. This mesmerizing event shows best in March and October. It occurs due to the full moon rising and casting an optical illusion on the beach, stretching upwards, thus the name staircase to the moon.

wild sheep on Kangaroo Island Australia

Cruise The Kimberley

Lastly, a cruise to Kimberly in a luxury yacht will give you a memorable experience through the rugged cliffs, magnificent rocky gorges, and towering waterfalls. That is an entire 12,000 kilometers of vibrant pindan cliffs through Mediterranean blue seas. Your heart is bound to throb with excitement as you get past the swirling waters of Horizontal Falls. The bird life, sea life, and Aboriginal Art on the cliff rocks can also make your visit worthwhile.


Touring the Australian outback can surely satisfy your adventure fantasy. It is a break from the usual beaches that tourists are all used to. Start with the above six ideas, and feel free to explore even more. Remember to make your trip special by visiting when the weather is best and choosing luxurious means of transport and relaxation areas. Also, consider buying a specific outfit for such travels to make it more comfortable and exciting.

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