7 Non Touristy Places to Visit in Europe

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Traveling inspires us, but exploring well-known places, our soul requires something unusual. And in these cases, the best bet for us is to visit non-touristy destinations. The good news is that Europe is full of them. 

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San Marino

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San Marino

The first place in our list belongs to San Marino, the fifth smallest country in the world with a population just above 30,000. The good news is that you don’t need to learn a new language to move to this country as the official one here is Italian, and many people support the Italian national team in football tournaments. Moreover, you can move from Italy to San Marino without restrictions. 

Although this country is small, you can try the local food in its restaurants. Then, after relishing yummy food, you can admire the beauty of the Parliament Building and Three Towers. 

Bratislava, Slovakia

bratislava slovakia at night castle scenery
Bratislava Castle

This city will shock you with its incredible buildings. For example, St Elizabeth’s Church that is also known as Blue Church, will impress you with the amazing combination of pastel colors and curved lines. 

The next destination in Bratislava will be Bratislava Castle that’ll tell you about the history of the Kings of Royal Hungary. 

Balchik, Bulgaria

balchik bulgaria beautiful scenery
Balchik, Bulgaria

This country is famous for the serenity enthroning in its inhabitants’ hearts. So walking in Balchik, you’ll see only a few people, but they smile. Also, you won’t get lost in its streets as, surprisingly, houses are situated in logical order. Moreover, you can go to the sea at any moment by going down the steps. Many people who live near it will be glad to talk to you. 

Gozo, Malta

gozo malta non touristy travel
Gozo, Malta

The fourth place in our list is taken by a sunny island that is situated on Malta. You can get to Gozo by using a private boat or ferry. 

In Gozo, traffic is light, and shops are closed for a midday break. Yes, this place is a paradise for people who’re fond of calm. It seems that in this place, time flows much slower than in the whole world. You understand it when you realize that only a few tourists go there. 

Cetinje, Montenegro

cetinje Montenegro Europe travel

In this place, you’ll find the best Montenegro museums. As a result, you can learn the history of this country and enrich yourself with new knowledge. This city is a treasure of South Slavic culture; therefore, after visiting Cetinje, you can draw conclusions about other South Slavic countries. 

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia herzegovina aerial beautiful photo

Like Cetinje in Montenegro, in Sarajevo that is situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can find museums that’ll tell you about the history of this country and one of the main events in the 20th century — the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that fueled World War I. 

Sarajevo Tunnel Museum, Latin Bridge, and Roaci Memorial Cemetery will surprise you because of the historical spirit that lives on in these places. 

The Faroe Islands

the faroe islands sheep the uk travel europe
The Faroe Islands

It’s the most remote location in Europe. This non-touristy destination isn’t popular due to two factors:

  • Location
  • Weather

The fact is, the weather on the Faroe Islands is as changeable as in Britain. You can go outside and admire the sun, and after some minutes, you’ll suffer from the storm. Therefore, when getting ready for your trip, don’t forget to take warm jeans and jackets. 

The Faroe Islands offer you numerous beautiful places where people live with nature in harmony. Yes, these islands are all about being in harmony with the surrounding world when rivers and hills are close to you. 

For instance, in Gasadalur, the village on the Vagar, one of the parts of the Faroe Islands, you can make friends with only 17 inhabitants. This place can be an amazing example of how people live among wild nature. 

The Bottom Line

The above non-touristy places in Europe will become great destinations that help discover the world and form a full conception about how it works and how different people live. Only places where tourists usually don’t go can give you the most important knowledge about our world. 

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