A Once in a Lifetime Road Trip Through New Mexico

White Sands National Monument Sunset, New Mexico
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One of the least populous states, New Mexico makes up for in character what it lacks in humans! Almost everywhere you go you’ll find stunning landscapes. Whether it’s the thick pine forests, the jagged mountain passes, or the sunsets watched over national park vistas, New Mexico has breathtaking landscapes in Spades. Pair this with its proximity to Mexico and all of the delicious culinary delights that it brings with it, and I think you’ve got the recipe for a perfect road trip.

Let’s Start in Space

Well, sort of. The New Mexico Spaceport was built specifically for leisure space travel. While you’ll find dozens of space stations around the world, none of them were built with the idea of space tourism in mind. It’s the perfect place to kickstart this adventure. If you want to take a space flight then you’ll need to book a long way in advance, but just checking out the Spaceport is plenty fun enough. You can get a guided tour from the Geronimo Trail Visitor Center, which does need to be booked ahead of time. Once you’ve had your fill of the space station, it’s time to hit the road!

Drive Through Gila Forest

You’ve got a couple of hours’ drive to get to the Gila National Forest. There are almost 3 million acres of unspoiled forest here. Wherever you stop you’ll be surrounded by nature, but I think a great spot is at a little place called Reserve. This sits right in between the Gila National Forest and the Apache National Forest. It’s a tiny village with a population of just over 300. There’s a cute cafe at Hidden Springs where you can grab refreshments before heading off on the next leg of the journey. For this bit, you’ll drive straight to Puerto Rico, Albuquerque. It’ll take you around 3 hours to get here, so try not to leave too late.

Route 66 sign New Mexico
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Stay at Route 66 Casino Hotel

Your stop for the night is coming up, I know, it’s been a long day of driving, but hopefully you feel like you’ve seen some beautiful things. You’ll find the famous Route 66 Casino Hotel in Rio Puerco, Albuquerque. As well as space for even the biggest of RVs, you’ll also find comfortable rooms, an exceptional restaurant, and the casino. If you’re planning on visiting the casino but you’re a little wiped out from a day of driving, then don’t worry. The hotel is more than happy for you to hop on the Wi-Fi and relax in your room instead. If you want to be ahead of your casino game for tomorrow, then you could even get some practice with some free spins on online slots. Failing that, you could head to YouTube and get yourself amped up for the next leg of the journey!

Santa Fe for Breakfast

There are all kinds of great road trips that start out in Albuquerque, but most often the first stop is in Santa Fe. We’ll drop you off here for something to eat and let you decide on the next leg by yourself. Visit Albuquerque has some excellent suggestions that set off from here. This brilliant city is the Capital of New Mexico and has dozens of brilliant brunch spots. Depending how long you spend in the casino, you’ll either be after a breakfast or brunch menu, to play it safe, I’d recommend Pantry Cafe. This family-owned restaurant cooks fantastic homestyle brunches, with a New Mexico twist. Huevos Rancheros are a classic, but eggs and chorizo, or chili rellano are equally delicious. If you’re really up for a feast, then the breakfast steak has to be seen to be believed.

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