How to Maintain a Snow-White Smile

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Beautiful white teeth look irresistible. More and more often, we can see a beautiful snow-white smile not only on movie screens or in the pictures of influencers, but also on many people around us in everyday life. And that’s great, because a naturally white smile is primarily a sign of good oral health. And following the trends, many people care not only about aesthetics, but also about the health of their smile. 

Why do we want a snow-white smile?

First, as already mentioned, a snow-white smile is the main sign of health. Secondly, it is also a sign of youth and attractiveness, so nothing “reduces” the actual age on the passport like a healthy smile and straight white teeth. In addition to an investment in health, a Hollywood smile is also an investment in beauty, a great anti-ageing method, and of course, a significant contribution to the image. So many people worry about how to keep their snow-white smile as long as possible, or how to whiten their teeth at home or with the help of a professional dentist.

If you need a dentist in Forest Hills New York or are interested in teeth whitening services, visit Vip Dental Care. Also, together with the clinic team, we will tell you what daily actions and habits help to maintain a snow-white smile both after teeth whitening and without additional aesthetic procedures.

Effective tips on how to preserve the natural whiteness of your teeth

They say that nothing suits people better than a happy smile. And if it’s also snow-white, it’s even better. We have prepared some effective tips for every day that will help everyone maintain the natural beauty and whiteness of their teeth.

Maintain daily oral hygiene

It seems like a very simple tip, right? But are you doing your daily dental hygiene properly? First of all, floss every day, especially in the evening, before brushing at night. After that, brush for at least 2 minutes, cleaning each area of the mouth and tongue in a circular motion. A medium-hard toothbrush and fluoride-enriched toothpaste are best for this purpose. The final stage of home hygiene is a mouthwash that will not only freshen your breath, but also eliminate bacteria in the spaces between your teeth.

Limit the consumption of foods that stain your teeth

Do you like red berries and fruits, or maybe tomatoes or grapes or candy with bright colors? That’s great, but don’t abuse them. These and other foods stain tooth enamel and change its natural white color. This is not fiction. There are indeed foods and drinks that stain teeth more intensely than others. Of course, we do not advocate following an exclusively “white diet” based on the consumption of light-colored foods and dishes. However, if you are very fond of foods and sweets that are aggressive to enamel, minimize their consumption if possible.

Use a straw when drinking coffee, tea, and soda

Coffee, tea, and sugary drinks with gas also have a negative impact on tooth color. However, in order to preserve the beauty of your smile and not give up your favorite drinks, we have one life hack. And its name is a drink straw. With its help, you can significantly reduce the effect of dyes in coffee, tea, and soda on tooth enamel and preserve your natural snow-white smile.

Eat crunchy vegetables and herbs

Lettuce, broccoli, parsley, and basil, as well as carrots or cabbage, are great sources of vitamins and minerals that promote overall health and have a positive effect on oral health. These foods also massage the gums well and improve blood circulation, thereby taking care of the nutrition of the teeth and their natural healthy color.

Choose healthy toothpastes

It can be either whitening toothpaste or fluoride toothpaste. In the first case, periodic use of a whitening toothpaste will help lighten your teeth by several shades. In the second case, fluoride toothpaste will strengthen tooth enamel and make it more resistant to bacteria and acids.

Visit a dental hygienist every six months to a year

Professional oral hygiene in the dentist’s office helps not only to get rid of plaque in places where a toothbrush cannot cope, but also significantly brightens tooth enamel and helps to maintain a snow-white smile.

Leave bad habits in the past

What are these bad habits that can destroy the natural beauty of your teeth? If you’re thinking of shopaholism or swearing, we’re not talking about that at all. First of all, we’re talking about smoking, drinking alcohol, and abusing certain types of snacks and sweets. Smoking and alcoholic beverages, such as wine, change the color of tooth enamel and give it a dull yellow or gray tint. Sweets and snacks, on the other hand, can cause both tooth decay and microcracks in the teeth. For example, if you like lollipops or nuts. So, to keep your snow-white smile, you should get rid of such bad habits.

These simple steps will help you take care of your dental health and snow-white smile. Follow them and let your smile shine like you do.

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