Discover the Benefits of Having a Private Jet Card Membership

Private charter flights are often costly. It is a trend among aviation companies to provide charter plane membership schemes of various sorts to clients. By issuing membership cards, aviation companies are able to provide exclusive added value to customers.

This article will discuss the benefits of investing in a private jet charter membership.

A Set Management Fee

The costs of a charter plane are calculated in terms of billable flight time, fuel surcharge, crew services charges, handling fees, and taxes imposed by the government. Apart from such expenses, a customer also has to pay a management fee to the aviation services provider. This fee is at least 30% of the other expenses or can be more.

All the above sums up to a hefty bill. However, when you have a membership, you have the advantage of paying a fixed membership fee. A private jet card provides different credit options from $50K onward – which ensures more flexibility in setting your plan.

Further Reduction in Membership Fee

if you go for a higher membership card, then the management fee will also become less. For instance, a $50K card may come with a set 18% management fee, whereas a $100K card may waive the management fee to 12%.

Getting a jet card is ideal for individuals who prefer charter plane flights for business travel.

Fast and Effective Service

When you have a jet card membership, you get the privilege of faster booking service. You get to choose the jet of your choice and there you go! For people with charter jet card membership, the chartering process is made swift and straightforward by the service representatives – as they value member customers more.

As a complimentary service, the members can also get top-notch chauffeur services for arrivals and departures.

No Hidden Fees or Charges

A jet card membership gives you the peace of mind that there are no hidden charges at any instance. As a card holding member, you are not charged the upfront processing fees or other additional charges.

With a membership, you will always be charged an all-inclusive fee. Also, the customer services representatives will also assist you in predicting your yearly travel dates and costs to be incurred. This way, you can choose the best options available.

Guaranteed Availability of Flights

Another perk of a private jet charter membership is you won’t have to worry about overbooked or unavailable flights. Access to a specific fleet of airplanes is guaranteed throughout the year – so you never miss out on important plans and surprise meetings.

No Expiry

You do not have to worry about the membership becoming void. The credit hours in a jet card membership have no expiry date. The hours are automatically carried forward monthly or yearly when you apply for membership renewal.

There are a few aviation companies out there that also allow other options. One such option is the ability to transfer your pending hours to another account.

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