Food Grade Nitrous Oxide

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Nitrous Oxide has undergone many evolutionary stages over the years from medicinal purposes to the automotive industry. One of the latest uses has been the development of food grade nitrous oxide for use in professional and domestic kitchens and bars around the world.

Food grade nitrous oxide has many uses from preserving food to making the perfect whipped cream. It can also be used to enhance flavor, prepare sauces, marinades, foam and mousses. The cream charger has established its presence in the culinary world and it is easy to see why. Here are some of the benefits of using food-grade nitrous oxide.

The benefits of cream chargers

  1. Food grade nitrous oxide is incredibly versatile as it is colorless and odorless making it the perfect addition to foodstuffs as it does not affect the smell or flavor of any dish.
  2. It streamlines and eases the process of making whipped cream. Making whipped cream the traditional way can be a time-consuming laborious task. Further whipped cream doesn’t stay fresh for very long. Using food-grade nitrous oxide in your cream charger will give you the perfect whipped cream without all the leg work, or rather, arm work. It will also keep your cream fresher for longer.
  3. It is not only whipped cream that cream chargers can keep fresher for longer. Cream chargers have the capacity to keep sauces and froths fresher for much longer also. This has several practical benefits also as it means you can prepare a sauce or froth in advance of needing it. Cream chargers enable sauces and froths to stay fresh for longer as they have an impermeable seal. It is this seal that allows recipes to keep for over seven days.
  4. Food-grade nitrous oxide can make your food go further. Not only does making whipped cream with your cream charger become a far easier and quicker task it will also create far more volume in comparison to the traditional method of making whipped cream. Not only is this a benefit for practical reasons but it can also save you a decent amount of money thanks to the increased capacity.
  5. Cream chargers also offer the quickest method to mix various flavors into cocktails, other beverages, and even coffee. It can take less than two minutes to mix the ideal flavor to any cocktail. This is achieved by the food-grade nitrous oxide gas infusing with the liquid recipe naturally under immense pressure.
  6. Cream chargers can add shape to non-aerated dressings and sauces. Not only can chargers add volume to a liquid recipe but they can provide you with the opportunity to experiment with preparations. You can use the pressurized recipe to decorate cakes, dishes, and deserts the only limit is your imagination.
  7. Cream chargers can cut the marinating time considerably. Using traditional methods of making and marinating sauces can take days to produce the right flavor. Cream chargers can dramatically reduce this time and make flavor intense marinades in a matter of minutes.

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