Get a Luxe Vacation on a Low Budget

Are you under the impression that luxury, high-end holidays are out of your price range? Well, have we got good news for you. Indeed in our post below, you will find numerous tips, strategies, and tactics that will allow you to travel in style without wiping out your life savings. So if you want a luxe vacation on a low budget, read on. 

Compare prices online 

One of the most straightforward, and effective ways of getting a high-end holiday for a low price is to shop around online. Indeed, there are several advantages of doing this including the fact that you can compare the prices of hotels, flights, and packages online to make sure you are getting the best possible deal. 

It’s also worth your while to compare the price differences that occur between different departure and arrival times and dates. The reason is that the savings you can make with off-peak dates, and unsocial flight times can cut a significant percentage off of the overall cost of your break. 

Finally, by booking online you also provide yourself with the opportunity to secure additional savings by visiting sites like and using their discount codes. The great thing about vacation discount codes is that they tend to come as a percentage of the whole price, or as a significant one-off sum. Either way, you will make a real saving while still getting to go on a luxe break!

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Get your airplane seat upgraded, for free

Of course, there are advantages to booking some things the old-fashioned way, in particular your plane seats. This is because with a few smart tactics you may be able to swing an upgrade to first or business class for free! 

The first of these tactics is to leave it until as late as possible. This way the airline will know just how many first-class seats they have left. Then try calling the airline and speaking directly to the reservations team, asking them how many first-class seats they have left. By doing this you will be demonstrating to them that they have unused first-class capacity and so can offer you a vastly discounted or even free upgrade if you book a flight with them. Of course, being very polite, but direct will help you here as well. 

Book ahead whenever possible

There are two economic benefits to booking ahead. The first is that it can help you to save money, while the second is that it makes budgeting a lot easier, and ensures you don’t end up overspending while you’re on your trip.

In particular, you can save a great deal by pre-booking experiences and tours. The reason such things are cheaper when you pre-book is that the companies that run them will always be looking to sell as many tickets as possible, as this will ensure they make back their money. Therefore they would much rather offer you a cheaper seat early than wait until the day of the tour and be left to run it at a loss.

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Luxe vacation

It can also be very helpful to book your meals at restaurants, ahead of time. OK, so we understand that this isn’t going to work for everyone as those that love the spontaneity of finding a charming little place down a back street, want everything set in stone. Also, those on all-inclusive trips don’t need to worry about this, although most resorts that operate a restaurant system will require booking once you arrive, or could end up having to head to the buffet every day, and that certainly wouldn’t be the best value for money option! 

However, if you can stand to schedule and book your meals ahead of time, you can gain a whole range of advantages, such as never getting stuck without a table even in the busiest locations. You can also research places and prices online beforehand so you will have a rough idea of the costs involved for each meal, something that will make sticking to your budget while away, much easier.

Don’t get overcharged for transport

Unless you are staying in a self-contained resort that offers everything you could desire, you will likely want to spend at least a portion of your time on vacation exploring the destination you have traveled to. This means you will need to pay out for transport. 

However, there is nothing that can take the shine off a high-end vacation experience faster than having to pile into a hot sweaty bus, with a load of other noisy holidaymakers. What this means is, if you want to maintain the luxe feel of your trip, using a taxi is a much better option. Unfortunately, taxi drivers are well known to inflate prices for tourists, as they are none the wiser. The good news is you can prevent this from happening by doing a little research beforehand. Indeed, review sites like TripAdvisor often have comments or posts dedicated to this sort of thing. Alternatively, calling or emailing your hotel and asking for the typical prices to popular destinations can save you a small fortune, while allowing you to also travel in style.

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Beware of false economies

Last of all, for a luxe holiday on a low budget, beware of false economies. That is, be mindful that you don’t end up choosing the cheaper option when initially paying more will save you money in the long run. 

In particular, refusing to upgrade your hotel, or package when you arrive at your destination can fall into this category. The reason being it’s quite common to end up splashing out on a drink here, or a treat there, all of which can add up over the course of your holiday. That is why, if possible upgrading your package as you arrive is usually the best option. 

Final thoughts

As you can see from the information above, there are many effective ways to reduce the overall cost of your vacation. Indeed, by using tactics you will be free to enjoy all the luxury that your break provides, all without breaking your budget. 

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