Heartwarming Christmas Gift Ideas

gift boxes wrapped under the tree

Returned gifts account for $260 billion USD and 25% of all those returns are sent off right after Christmas. It stands to reason that most of these returns were the result of factors like getting the wrong size, the gift-giver having an incredibly poor idea of what items the gift recipient enjoys, or even the occasional instance where an item turned out to be defective or broken. If you want the people you give gifts to to feel truly cherished, put some heart and personalization into it.

Provided below is a list of some of the best Christmas gift ideas to give someone you at least have some understanding about; just remember to confirm their sizes first in the case of attire.


Since everyone needs clothes to keep warm or keep their private parts private, a gift like personalised t shirts with photo means that your gift recipient can keep clothed while brandishing some special moment to that person or shared between the two of you. Maybe the person lost a beloved pet, and you happen to have access to the perfect photo of that cat or dog, you could easily provide that photo with some text commemorating the animal’s life and ensure that their owner always keeps them close by in at least one form.

A Custom Cookbook

To paraphrase a certain quote, another way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. If you would rather give something with a bit more “bite” to things, consider gifting that special someone a cookbook that has been filled with all of that person’s favorite recipes. You can even go the extra mile and include an image of the gift recipient enjoying each dish or drink to accompany the page for that dish or drink.

A Custom Family Stone Bracelet

If you are really into somebody and even like their family, one idea you might do is purchase a necklace or ring that features the gift recipient’s birthstone as a focus and then have the piece surrounded by the birthstones of all of that person’s family members-or at least the family members that you know they like.

christmas ornaments lit up in the evening cozy

Preserve the Sky for Them

While this next option might not be for everyone, there are certainly demographics that will appreciate it. The gift idea? A photograph of the night sky, complete with any pertinent constellations, as it appeared on the day that some momentous occasion happened in the life of the person you are gifting to.

A Custom Phone Case

Rather than trying to find just the right case for your gift recipient’s smartphone, why not send the perfect image to someone who can make it into a unique case? This can be the perfect gift for people who are fond of their careers or certain interests.

Customize Tabletop Gaming Gear

If you are shopping for someone who happens to enjoy tabletop card games like “Magic: The Gathering,” “Pokemon,” “Yu-Gi-Oh” and so on, there are companies whom you can submit an image to. They will transpose those images onto a suitable playmat or card sleeves. Alternately, there are people with the talent and know-how to alter the face of a card into something truly unique without impacting the owner’s ability to actually use the card within the game-though official tournaments usually have a policy against allowing such “alters.”

Something You Made Yourself

If your funds are compromised, consider making something yourself, be it a poem or a craft project. Those gifts are sure to last a lifetime.

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