How To Learn Math With Kids For Free Using Online Tools

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For most adults and children, learning math can be challenging and intimidating. However, it is an essential subject that lays the groundwork for a functional adult life. It enables us to carry out important tasks like budgeting and decision-making.

Using free online tools like the best math learning websites is one way to make math more approachable for children. This article will look at some of the best free ways to teach kids math using online tools.


Under the comprehensive guidance of a personal tutor, future math geniuses who want to move beyond the school curriculum can satisfy their thirst for knowledge by delving deeper into any math concept with Brighterly. Brighterly is one of the online math tools for kids intended for students in grades Pre-K through 8 and will be highly beneficial to those who require homework assistance. However, no age limit exists on the platform; any child can use it.

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Math Games

Even though traditional practice problems and drills for math can be tedious and uninteresting, math games are a fun and engaging way to teach math to children. Numerous free math games are available online to teach math concepts in a fun and exciting way.

Prodigy, a free online game that uses fun gameplay to teach kids math concepts, is a great example. The game tracks each student’s progress as they play and is tailored to their specific skill level. Prodigy is a great way to teach math to kids in a fun way that feels like something other than work.


The best math learning websites for kids provide free math worksheets teachers can print and use in their math lessons. Kids can use these worksheets to practice their math skills and reinforce what they’re learning. Parents can check their children’s work and see how they are doing using the answer keys in many of these worksheets.

Math worksheets are one of the kids math tools that can be printed and are available on several websites, such as, and they are grouped by subject and grade level. It makes it simple for parents to select the appropriate worksheets for their children’s comprehension level.

Online Math Tutoring

Online math tutoring is an excellent one-on-one method for assisting children in their math education. Numerous websites provide experienced math teachers with free online tutoring sessions. Children can benefit from these tutors’ assistance in comprehending challenging ideas and providing them with additional support as they complete their math assignments. is one example of a website that provides free online math tutoring. Kids can connect with live math tutors on the website to get help with their homework or practice problems.

Kids Academy

Talented and Gifted is an all-inclusive edutainment app which helps kids enhance their understanding of all the subjects from preschool through third grade. The activities are designed with simple and vibrant colors, a user-friendly interface, and interactive elements, ensuring that children remain engaged and enthusiastic about learning.

For those children who are looking to improve their math skills, the app offers instructional videos, games, quizzes and math worksheets for kids. The interactive worksheets can be completed both online or on paper. From counting and matching to fractions and graphs – children can hone their skills in a fun and entertaining way!

Khan Academy

The non-profit educational organization known as Khan Academy provides a wide variety of math resources for children of all ages. Children can learn at their own pace thanks to the platform’s interactive lessons, practice problems, and video explanations.

The fact that Khan Academy covers everything from fundamental arithmetic to advanced calculus is one of its strengths. As a result, children of all levels and abilities will enjoy using it.

In case you are looking for something more affordable, try GrabMyEssay. Access to the platform and all the resources is completely free. Here you will find many learning guides, step-by-step instructions, and Math experts who can solve any equation and explain it to you.


Using free online tools to teach math to children can be a fun and effective way to help them comprehend and master math concepts. Parents and teachers can easily find engaging games, interactive activities, and educational videos on the internet to help children learn math in a fun and interactive way. Using online resources to teach math to kids can be a great way to give them a solid foundation in the subject and instill a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

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