How to Promote Your Newly Opened Restaurant

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The hospitality industry is incredibly overcrowded, so it’s vital that your newly opened restaurant can stand out amongst the rest. How you promote your business is crucial to acquiring new customers and it’s important to spread the word.

We’ve collated a list of tips to help get your feet off the ground when promoting your newly opened restaurant.

Get published in local publications

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Local publications in your area are always looking for exciting news and information about new local businesses. It’s a cost-effective way to promote your business and can attract potential new and loyal customers.

Place a business listing in local newspapers and magazines to get the name of your restaurant out there. You could include that you’re running an opening offer or a giveaway to really get people excited about the prospect of somewhere new to eat in town.

Why not run a themed night? It’s a perfect way to showcase your specialty cuisine. You could even invite your customers to dress according to the theme – the best-dressed person could receive a voucher or a free meal. Make sure that you are ready to host a large gathering with high speed att internet, phone, and cable. Having a dependable internet service, for example, will mean more customers sharing in real time across their social media platforms.

Create promotional banners

Before the opening of your restaurant create banners to attract the attention of the public – place them around your local area to really grab people’s attention.

An eye-catching banner will deliver the news about the new opening in a direct and effective manner. Ensure it is bold and visually pleasing, so it stands out and entices people to notice it.

Your promotional banner will speak for itself and can easily deliver the message about the restaurant to a vast number of people. Make it look professional to really set the tone for your business.

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a business, especially for restaurants. A well-crafted video can introduce potential customers to your food and atmosphere, encouraging them to come and try your establishment for themselves. In addition, videos are highly shareable, so your satisfied customers can help to spread the word about your restaurant to their friends and followers. Explainer videos are particularly well-suited to promoting restaurants, as they can provide potential customers with a quick overview of what you have to offer. If you have decided to invest your money in video production, check the best explainer video examples and look for experienced video creation experts or agencies for better results.

Pamphlets and flyers

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Printed marketing materials, such as pamphlets and flyers, are a great way to inform people of your new restaurant opening. It’s a great way to gain visibility and you can easily hand these out around town or post them through people’s letterboxes.

Create your pamphlets and flyers so that they are informative and include any relevant contact details, so people aren’t struggling to find your new restaurant or have no way of contacting you to book a reservation.

You could even include a QR code that links through to your social media channels for customers to check for any updates.

Promotional products

Creating products that are useful promotional tools, such as tote bags, temporary tattoos and water bottles, is a handy way to make people aware of your new restaurant.

Who doesn’t love a freebie? You can walk around your local area and hand out your promotional products in celebration of your restaurant’s grand opening. The more people that are aware of your new restaurant, the better.

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