Interior Design Tips for a Beautiful Kitchen

open shelving kitchen interior design

While we’ve already discussed how you can spruce up your living room in How to Revamp Your Living Room for a Modern Look, there’s still a couple more improvements that you should consider for your home. That’s why today, we’ll be discussing tips to make your kitchen beautiful.

The tips range from cabinet design to the color scheme of your kitchen, so there’s bound to be something that piques your interest!

Read on to discover our interior design tips for a stunning kitchen:

Open Shelving

Open shelving bares all of your kitchen’s hidden bits and exposes them for the world to see. Doing this will put your crockery and ingredients at the forefront – a pretty clever means to add design accents to your kitchen.

But what do you need to take into consideration when installing open shelving in your kitchen? Well, one of the most important things to think about is the type of screws you use. The Guardian highlights how important the choice of screws is when installing shelving, as the wrong type could spell disaster for the shelf and the items on it. You might also want to calculate the exact weight you can put on the shelf with hardware professionals to avoid any accidents or mishaps in the kitchen.

It’s also important to consider the height of the shelves if you plan to put your cookware, pantry staples or design items like porcelain teapots and mugs or decorative vases on them. You don’t want them to be so high that they are out of reach, but you also don’t want them to be so low that they’re constantly in the way. Another thing to consider is the finish of the shelves. If you want them to blend in with the rest of your kitchen, then choosing a neutral color like white or black is a good idea. However, choosing a brighter color or even a patterned finish can be a good option if you want them to stand out.

beautiful kitchen interior white wood floor

Experiment With Colors

Revamping the color of your kitchen will go a long way into improving its look. You can change the color of your cabinets, which will add a nice accent. You can also add some texture to the design of your kitchen by experimenting with the wallpaper.

A change in upholstery can also complement the overall design of your kitchen, giving you an easy and effective way of adding some style to the space.

One thing to take note of if you’re going the wallpapering route is to be extra careful when wallpapering around corners. You’ll need to measure the distance from the edge of the last wallpaper strip to the corner of the wall, from both the top and the bottom of the strip. Make sure to add 1/2 inch to the wider of the two measurements and cut the next strip of wallpaper in a vertical manner to match these measurements.

What’s more, having a seam roller is of the utmost importance, as it’ll let you smooth out the part where two rolls of wallpaper overlap.

Use Wood

While most modern kitchens are sleek, you can choose to add an element of nature by using wood in your kitchen set-up. This could mean using wooden panels on the walls or switching to wooden counter tops, giving your kitchen that rustic element that’s been on the rise as of late. Not only will wood look great in your kitchen, but it is also, by far, one of the most sustainable options assuming that the wood was sourced properly.

One drawback that comes with using wood is its tendency to wear out quickly. However, all it takes to combat this is proper maintenance. Using oil wood with high-quality mineral oil once a month is the easiest and most effective way to preserve your wooden pieces.

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