6 Most Unusual Restaurants in the World

Le Grand Vefour Dining Room
Le Grand Véfour. Credit: Michelin Guide

Perhaps you have visited some of the most unusual museums or shops in your city or region, but have you visited any unusual restaurants? Below we highlight six of the most unusual restaurants in the world from a restaurant that serves guests in complete darkness to one of the oldest restaurants in the world found in Paris.

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Le Grand Véfour


Parisian Le Grand Vefour is considered one of the oldest restaurants in the world. It was founded in 1784 and, according to the owners, has not changed at all since then. The cuisine here is traditional, and all the interior items are antique: furniture, stained-glass windows, and wall paintings are real masterpieces. They are so expensive that most of them are hidden behind glass to avoid damage. The famous French restaurant has three Michelin stars thanks to celebrity chef Guy Martin. That is why you can get here only by appointment.



The unique restaurant Blindekuh, which means “Blind Cow”, is located in Basel, Switzerland. It is completely dark in this unusual restaurant, and the waiters meet and escort guests with the help of night vision devices. In addition, the use of flashlights and mobile phones is strictly prohibited here. Gourmets believe that in the dark, in the absence of visual signals, the perception of taste buds is exacerbated, which allows them to fully focus on the subtleties of the taste of food and wine.

Rising Sun


The unique restaurant Rising Sun is located in the Chinese city of Nanjin. It is famous for the fact that one can take out one’s grievances and disappointments here on the waiters. You can shout at them, you can beat them, and throw dishes at them. This pleasure is not cheap – from $8 to $50, depending on how visitors mock the waiters. The attendants here are only calm and strong men aged 20-30 years, but among the regular customers, the majority are women.

Modern Toilet


Modern Toilet – is the most original restaurant in Thailand. The food here looks like feces, drinks are served in plastic containers for analysis, and main dishes are served in bowls in the form of toilet bowls. And the furniture and decor of the restaurant itself resemble toilets, and the chairs here are made in the form of toilet bowls. The creator of this strange restaurant believes that such a shock helps to manipulate the taste sensations of customers in a special way.

New Lucky


The New Lucky restaurant is located in the city of Ahmedabad in western India. It was built on an old Muslim cemetery, and the tombstones themselves remained inside the restaurant. Now the waiters, when submitting an order, are forced to step over someone’s grave. Every day, the restaurant manager decorates the tombstones with flowers, and this entourage does not bother visitors at all.

The world is still full of unusual restaurants worth visiting. They do not always shine with culinary delights, but the design and atmosphere of these restaurants attract thousands of people every day.

Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant


Imagine a restaurant that needs to be rebuilt each year. That is the case with Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant in northern Finland. This restaurant is ice cold, and the temperature inside is always between 23 and 28 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, the entire restaurant is made of ice, including the countertops, tables, chairs, and walls. Therefore, showing up in less than a full snowsuit would be a tremendous mistake.

The restaurant serves a three-course menu featuring traditional Nordic cold dishes. The menu and restaurant’s design change each year.

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