Ready to Move Out? Here are Things You Need To Do First

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If the time has come for you to move on to pastures new then getting prepped should be at the top of your priorities. Even to those of you who feel that you don’t have too much stuff, you’ll be surprised by just how much is there once everything is put together. Assuming that you have found the perfect new home, arranged the end of your lease or sold the old place, here is what you need to do ahead of the big moving day.

Trim Down Your Possessions

The first thing you should do here is to trim down on the things which you have at home. Once you begin to move out you’ll soon see just how much junk you have in the house, which can easily go to someone who needs it. Arrange all of these items and then consider a yard sale or selling things online. You may find there is a lot of junk to throw out, or items which you can donate to others. This will help you to start anew when you move, and it will make moving day that bit easier.

Finding a Great Moving Firm

Finding movers on short notice is a terrible idea and it will only result in you not having the right company or having to pay top dollar to get a mover on the day that you need. You’ll need a company with a great reputation, competitive prices and which will travel the distance that you need them to.

Making an Inventory

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Small items can easily be packed into boxes by room, and color coding each box by which room they should live in is essential. When it comes to the big stuff however, this is why we need lists. Using a page of A4 paper for each room, write down the large items which you have in each room, measure the dimensions of each and write them next to their names. This will help you to both plan the move and how to get large items out, it will also help your mover to give you a guide price based on weight and size.

Cancel Utilities

Cancelling utilities is an essential aspect of moving home and getting the timing right is essential. The last thing you want is your electricity or gas cut off days before you move. If you aren’t able to get it done on the day you move then try to have it cancelled a couple of days afterwards, and just take the small hit that this will incur financially.

Make a list of all of your services. Some you will be able to move to your new address, others you will have to cancel and then set up once you get to your new home.

Make sure that you are fully prepared for this, in order for it to run as smoothly as possible.

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