Renowned British Fashion Designer Alice Temperley and the Sustainable Fashion Movement

alice temperley london fashion designer sustainable fashion interview
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If sustainable fashion is at the forefront of your wardrobe, it is essential you are at least acquainted with Temperley London. This sustainable fashion brand was founded by Alice Temperley in 2000. Temperley, originally from Somerset, England, is a world renowned British fashion designer known for her luxurious, embroidered feminine pieces, beautifully tailored blouses and trousers, and bohemian-inspired dresses. Then there is Temperley Bridal. The bridal collections comprise of exquisite, romantic gowns that are seemingly out of a fairytale.

Temperley London has three standalone boutiques. The flagship store and Bridal Boutique on Bruton Street in Mayfair, London, as well as stores in Somerset and Dubai. The sustainable fashion label also ships worldwide.

We recently spoke with Alice Temperley to learn more about some of her signature styles, why bespoke is so essential, and the course of the sustainable fashion movement over the past two decades. 

temperley london dress at the beach
Courtesy of Temperley London

What does sustainable fashion mean to you, personally?

I think it’s so important that we all focus on this. It’s imperative for designers to think about sustainability, to make less and making things with quality to last.

I have been a huge fan of your signature honeycomb knit for almost ten years! What were some of the most exciting aspects about bringing this signature knitwear piece back into stock?

That’s great to hear! It’s proof that it’s a forever item. Lots of people were excited when we first launched these years ago, and many of them still have them 15 years later! We’ve had a great response to this iconic style and people are happy it’s back! It’s proof that good quality pieces last.

What are some of your favorite pieces from your most recent collection and why?

I love the leather – they’re clean and easy to wear. I also love the denim pieces in the collection, especially the full look with the jeans and jacket.

alice temperley profile shot with hen
Courtesy of Alice Temperley

Why should every woman own a bespoke piece? What should a potential client look forward to when creating their very own Temperley garment?

The attention to detail, the love and the process that goes into every bespoke piece is what makes it magical. To have something especially made for you is certainly a luxury and we should all have this experience at least once in our lives. This is partly why I love doing bridal so much.

celestial dress wedding temperley london bridal
Celestial Dress, Temperley Bridal. Courtesy of Temperley London

What are your most pivotal takeaways with regards to sustainable fashion since Temperley London was founded in 2000?

  • Discovering all our local suppliers near us in Somerset
  • Being awarded the Butterfly mark by Positive Luxury
  • Having a studio with no fabric wastage.
  • Also, our ‘Somerset’ by Alice Temperley line is now 95% sustainable.

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