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Italy is undoubtedly one of the best foodie destinations on earth, and a trip to Rome is sure to satisfy taste buds. The beautiful Eternal City is home to a variety of delicious local specialties as well as many authentic eateries. There are also plenty of guided food tours and cooking classes to take part in. Whether you’re visiting the Italian capital with family or friends, there are plenty of culinary experiences to enjoy. Here are our top picks for your Rome food bucket list

Carbonara at Nannarella

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Kick off your Rome Food Bucket List tour at Nannarella. Nannarella is one of the best restaurants in Trastevere, the foodie neighborhood of Rome. There’s no better place to get a taste of carbonara, a traditional pasta dish that originated in Rome. This delicious dish is made with hard cheese, eggs, cured pork, and black pepper.

You can also taste delicious polpette (Italian meatballs) and cacio e pepe, which is another Roman pasta dish. Its name translates to “cheese and pepper”. 

All the dishes mentioned above are family-friendly, and the restaurant has a nice relaxing atmosphere that kids would enjoy. It is highly recommended to make a reservation, though, as it can get quite busy.

Tiramisù at Two Sizes

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No trip to Italy would be complete without indulging in the famous Italian dessert of Tiramisù. This coffee-flavored delight consists of a whipped mixture of mascarpone cheese, eggs, and sugar. 

While there are plenty of opportunities to taste tiramisù in Rome, the absolute best place to try it is Two Sizes, located near Piazza Navona. There, you’ll find a wide variety of exquisite tiramisù, including the must-try pistacchio flavor. 

On top of that, you can also find other delicious desserts at this shop, such as Sicilian cannoli. Needless to say, kids will absolutely love a trip here.

Gelato at Come il Latte

There are endless gelaterie (gelato shops) in Rome, but the prize for the best one goes to Come il Latte, a small shop a bit further from the tourist hotspots. Located near Piazza della Repubblica, this shop has the most incredible smell the second you step in. They also pride themselves for their authenticity and high-quality gelato.

At Come il Latte, you’ll find a variety of flavors, from the fruity ones to the chocolate and creamy ones. They also have many interesting and unique flavors such as biscuit and parmigiano.

There’s no better place to treat your kid to a refreshing dessert. Walking around Rome with a gelato in hand is an experience that anyone should tick off in Italy. 

Pizza al taglio at Pizzarium Bonci

A fun fact about Rome is that the pizza there is quite different from the ones you’ll find in the rest of Italy (or outside of Italy). The pizza al taglio is a top local specialty that consists of pizza being cut into rectangles rather than brought out in a circular shape.

There is an incredible variety of toppings that go with pizza al taglio, including (but not limited to) zucchini, potato slices, and artichokes. It’s also common for this kind of pizza to contain no cheese.

At Pizzarium Bonci near the Vatican, you can try some of the best pizza al taglio in town. Be sure to taste their prosciutto and vegetable pizza as it is mouthwatering.

arancini on a rectangular plate

Taste Supplì at Testaccio Market

Supplì is a Roman street food that consists of a fried ball of rice with tomato sauce. They can also be filled with miced meat, chicken giblets, or a piece of mozzarella. Kids would also love this tasty snack.

At the popular Testaccio Market, you can find several stands that offer supplì, such as In Cibo Veritas, Foodbox, and Dess’art. You’ll also be able to find other tasty Italian street food there, such as arancini, Sicilian rice balls that are twice as big as supplì.

The Trionfale Market is another great place to get a taste of this delicious street food. 

Pasta Class at Piazza Navona

fettuccine pasta making class
Images by Jiayi Wang

To truly get a truly authentic food experience, don’t miss the popular fettuccine-making class in Piazza Navona as part of your Rome Food Bucket List. There, you’ll get to learn how to make fresh pasta like a Roman from a knowledgeable local chef. You will explore traditional recipes, learn how to cut pasta properly, and then sit down to enjoy the hearty meal you’ve just made.

Complete with a glass of wine and limoncello at the end, this experience will allow you to learn all about food traditions in Italy. Even older kids can enjoy this unique experience and take home some cool kitchen skills!

Join a Food Tour at the Prati District

There are many food walking tours in Rome, but one of the most spectacular ones is the Rome Food Tour by Sunset around Prati District. On this tour, you can sample as many as 20 different foods as you enjoy a gorgeous sunset walk in Prati. 

This tour is also an amazing way to discover the hidden culinary gems of Rome, as Prati is a bit further from the tourist hot-spots and has a more local vibe. The food you will get to taste on this tour range from pizza to cured meats. You will also get to meet some local chefs and food makers, who will share their recipes and top secrets. 

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