Simplifying Moving Houses to Minimise Stress

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Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful things you can do. With so much to organise and pack, plus the inevitable confusion and disorganisation when you finally move in, there’s no getting around the fact that moving house is disruptive and daunting.

However, there are ways in which to make the whole process a lot simpler. From forward-thinking planning to the small details like making time to fill the fridge for the next day, here are some small ways to make moving more pleasant.

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Make a checklist

To keep on top of the organisational aspects of moving, as well as making sure that you remember everything and have things set up for when you move in, write up a checklist in advance and procure all the things you need. 

First up, you need boxes and plenty of them, plus some strong adhesive tape to keep everything inside. Then, pack room-specific boxes so there isn’t any confusion about what belongs where. Order a sizeable amount of bubble wrap to keep your fragile things safe and utilise towels and cushions to keep your mirrors intact during transportation.

Declutter and plan

Seeing as you’re turning the house upside down already, this is a great opportunity to go through your stuff and throw away or donate anything that you don’t need or want anymore. If you have too much furniture in your current home and are moving somewhere smaller, don’t waste the effort transporting it to your new house anyway – give it away before you move.

The more you keep, the more you’re going to have to transport. Whilst you’re emptying your closet, make sure you’re only packing the items you love and wear on a regular basis. In order to decide what stays and what goes, have a plan for your new home which makes clear what you don’t need anymore. 

Arrange transport

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to move all your stuff with your own car. Not only will it not be able to fit in big cupboards and shelves, but you will also have to make many trips and use lots of fuel in the process.

Make it easier with a transporter truck that will have you all moved in in just a few journeys. Be sure that you know how to drive one of these vehicles first and take out comprehensive temporary car insurance so you’re covered should anything happen.

Allow yourself plenty of time

Moving is already stressful enough; if you have to do it all in a short space of time, then it only gets more unpleasant. If you already have access to your new home, see if you can move some non-essential stuff over before the main moving day. That could include pieces of furniture, books, extra kitchen utensils and seasonal clothes.

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