Summer Style Essentials for Guys in 2023

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Transitioning from the freezing weather of hefty overalls and close up jackets to the warm season is refreshing with many breathing a sigh of relief. Summer brings weather like no other, while staying up to date on wardrobe duties and “additions to cart” can be daunting with the change in season with considerable limits to choose what to wear. Summer and fashion have become quite inseparable with several bestsellers hitting the market every year. Enjoying this warm season to the fullest will require you to stock up on summertime essentials. Let’s explore an imaginary store of summer style essentials for guys.

Plain or Striped Tees

Versatility on one hand and durability on the other, plain tees have become a timeless asset in summertime wardrobe. Stocking up tees can help with rotation of clothes during summer. Plain tees tick all the boxes from wearing chinos and blazers at work to shorts and sneakers on the beach.

Linen shirts

Convenient, lightweight and breathable fabric, the warm season means lightweight fabrics. Linen is the ultimate summer fabric as it does not stick to your skin and dries quickly when you wash it. Linen comes both in shirts and shorts, you can rock a linen short with a vintage shirt to the beach. Linen is easily wrinkled but that is quite okay. 

Polo T-Shirts

Polos have been here for ages. Pretty sure you have always seen one every now and then, at your workplace, adorned by a fellow on the street and worn by you to different functions. Polos have a long-lasting relationship with summer essentials and can look good on almost anyone with the right combo. Polo and shorts under the umbrella while sipping from a coconut on the beach or layering it with a blazer to work or a dinner, polo can do it all.


For a complete summer look, shorts are a must have. Feeling that warm summer breeze is heavenly and you can achieve this by finding the right shorts for you and striking a balance between your tops and shorts. Remember to keep the equation simple to achieve a classy summer look.


Moving away from wearing boots and tightly laced up footwear in the winter is over, sneakers are the ideal summer shoe to bring out your style. Sneakers are perfect for almost any outing during the summer and can equally come in handy during the autumn or winter based on how it is styled. Cool white kicks are the basic to a fresh summer look. Sneakers in black or some other neutral colours are options for an adventurous summer look.

Lightweight Jeans

There is always a need for lightweight jeans during the summer. May to September is a time to explore stacked denim for an eccentric summer look. Finding the right summer jeans is all about getting those light jeans for when things cool down. Comfortability is important during the summer and choosing the right denim to compliment your looks should be a priority.


Having stocked up on sneakers, sandals are the next in the footwear collection for the summer. Sandals ensure your feet breathe in the warm breeze of the summer. Leather sandals, suede and flip-flops are easy choices for footwear to the pool or a day out in your yard.


The liberty to accessorise your looks is at the peak during the summer. Hats to protect the neck and face from the sun, sunshades, bracelets, sunscreen, umbrellas, watches, weekend bags and some others are important accessories to stock up on during the summer. A day out at the beach is not complete without your umbrella for a shade under the sun.


Breathable, comfortable and lightweight is key during the summer. To project the best outlook during the summer, stock up your wardrobe with clothes that makes you comfortable at the beach, your workplace or even a family barbecue. You may even style some of your summer essentials during the autumn or winter, largely dependent on your layering.

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