These Hollywood Celebrities Love CBD Gummies: Here’s Why

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Because of its purported potential to relieve anxiety, sadness, stress, inflammation, and more, cannabidiol, or CBD, has changed the self-care game. Plausibly, some of Hollywood’s greatest celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Dakota Johnson, are strong supporters of this new wellness trend—and, no, it won’t get you high.

CBD gummies stand out as the tastiest and most enjoyable way to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. It’s no wonder why celebrities have made CBD their go to wellness product. CBD Gummies offer a discreet and convenient method to consume CBD, with the added bonus of a variety of delicious flavors, making them a favorite if you don’t prefer the earthy taste of traditional CBD oils.

The cannabis plant produces about 80 phytocannabinoids or chemical substances. CBS is one of them. It’s also legal in every state if it doesn’t include THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that makes you high. If you haven’t yet purchased CBD muscle healing creams or CBD oil beauty products, keep reading to learn why these celebrities are so obsessed with this trending ingredient and get the best CBD products from here:

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is also one of the most well-known and followed celebrities on social media, with a large following. She has been seen advocating CBD products on her Instagram feed several times, with a whopping 214 million followers. Her desire to raise awareness about the advantages of CBD among her family and friends led her to throw a CBD-themed baby shower just a few weeks before Psalm West was born.

Kim Kardashian has been outspoken about her support for CBD, even arranging a CBD-themed baby shower for her son Psalm West before his birth. Guests were treated to CBD-infused chocolate fountains, kombucha, and CBD massages, among other things.

Kardashian West can be heard discussing why she chose a low-key CBD-themed party this time around in a video posted to a fan’s Instagram account.

Dakota Johnson

Raise your hand if you believe that attempting to sleep on a plane is the very worst? Dakota Johnson is standing right next to you. Johnson uses CBD oil to help her fall asleep faster while she’s in the air. She said in an interview, “I try to knock myself asleep on aircraft; otherwise, my whole life comes apart.”

Busy Phillips

Last year, Busy Phillps told Health about her anxiety and how CBD gummies, in addition to daily exercise, help her manage her symptoms.

CBD has been praised as a legitimate anxiety reliever and perhaps an antidepressant. CBD gummies, like Royal CBD, may be a part of the solution for you, whether you have social anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder.

Leighton Meester

Work-life balance is complex, and no one knows this better than Leighton Meester. The Gossip Girl star opened up to Shape for our April 2019 cover story about how she maintains herself “focused and renewed” as a working mom. Meester uses cannabidiol balm “to attempt to decrease the stress and tension in my shoulders and hands,” in addition to her morning tea, calming baths, and foam rolling. Micro doses of self-care can go a long way, as evidenced by this study.

Emma Roberts

Us Weekly claimed earlier this year that the American Horror Story actress couldn’t get enough of Mazz Hannah’s CBD-infused goods. Their new CBD-infused bath tonic is her ultimate favorite.

Jennifer Aniston

“It offers all the advantages without the high,” Aniston told US Weekly about CBD, which helps with pain, tension, and anxiety. The actress did not specify how she preferred to consume CBD-infused products, but she does believe in their benefits.

Olivia Wilde

Last year, Wilde told the New York Times that she had an amazing experience with a CBD lotion that one of her friends recommended. “I recently finished a six-month run-on Broadway, and my body was wrecked,” she explained. “My neck felt quite tense. CBD has calming properties, and the aim is to avoid overusing painkillers.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Goop, Paltrow’s lifestyle business, has developed into a wellness behemoth, offering alternative healing advice and accessories. Goop’s objective also includes the normalization of CBD. Paltrow and the team have been on a quest for quite some time to prove that CBD, including flawless CBD, has a position in the health and beauty business. Products include CBD-infused cocktails and bath bombs to capturing first-experience timers at a CBD boutique.

Kristen Bell

Bell has long been a supporter of CBD products. In June 2018, the Good Place actress posted a photo of her favorite CBD-infused lotion to her Instagram Stories. In her stories, she explain that it helped her “sore muscles after working out.”

While scientific data proving the effectiveness of CBD as a pain reliever is still pending, there’s absolutely no medical risk in rubbing it on your aching muscles.

Mandy Moore

We don’t give celebrities enough credit for walking the red carpet in ridiculously high heels for hours on end. Mandy Moore of This Is Us is well aware of the suffering, which is why she began applying CBD oil to her feet as a topical pain reliever. While preparing for the Golden Globes, she told Coveteur, “This year, I’m putting some CBD oil on my feet, which my stylist suggested.”

Kara Welch, her stylist, has coined the term CBD “On the red carpet, this is the ultimate cure for sore feet. Don’t worry, your feet won’t get too high, but this magic cream will make a long evening a lot more enjoyable.”

Alessandra Ambrosio

Supermodel for Victoria’s Secret and mother of two children Alessandra Ambrosio walked the runways for the well-known lingerie brand for 17 years. Alessandra has often been heard emphasizing the necessity of having enough rest and sleep. She recently stated in an American publication that taking CBD oil has considerably aided her in getting the 8 hours of relaxing sleep that she so desperately requires.

Snoop Dogg

Who hasn’t heard of Snoop Dogg and his infamous cannabis addiction? The rapper is a big supporter of marijuana and cannabis in general. He founded the cannabis company ‘Leafs by Snoop’ in 2015 and is a minority shareholder in Canopy Growth Corp., one of Canada’s leading cannabis companies. Under this brand, he and Martha Stewart produced a line of CBD products. Under the brand name ‘3D CBD,’ he also has his own CBD product line.


The CBD business has experienced a tremendous expansion in recent years. This has been made feasible by a slew of studies proving CBD’s health advantages, as well as the compound’s broad legalization. Furthermore, CBD has a slew of celebrity supporters. These include athletes, celebrities, and influencers, who have started to use and endorse CBD.

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