Unmissable Technology for When You Go Off the Grid

man working on laptop inside luxury camper van
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We make no secret of the fact that we love luxury travel around places like the Hamptons, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean at East End Taste, just to name a few. That said, we also appreciate getting off the grid now and then, to partake in nature and the solitude that this approach represents. As enjoyable as this can be, it also introduces challenges that if not addressed can hamper the experience. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran looking to step outside your regular comfort zone, we’ve designed this article to ensure your travel beyond the normal will be all it can be.

Planning Ahead

Like any other kind of travel, the best advice we have for going off the grid is to plan ahead. While there is a certain romanticism in going in blind and seeing where the winds take you, bad fortune can quickly turn such an approach sour. Instead, we first need to calculate exactly what we need and ensure we have to the tools to accomplish the job.

Because mobile phones are going to be incredibly important, we need to ensure they can operate exactly how we need them to. This starts by investing in a power bank with enough capacity to fully charge your phone multiple times. It’s important, however, to keep in mind that there are power bank limits in both checked and carry-on luggage.

You’ll also want to research whether you have the best regional SIM card that offers the best coverage for what you need. For example, if you’re the type who likes to play games online in bed, then you’ll need one that can hook into the right network. Whether collecting bingo promotions like welcome offers or free spins, playing the games, or just browsing, compatibility, data allowance, and speed are all necessary. Uses like these won’t require much processing power, so you won’t have to worry about a cutting-edge device, though a shock-resistant case and protector are helpful.

It’s also a good idea to have tech that can work outside of the internet range, as coverage in more rural and developing areas can be spotty. Downloading offline maps for areas like the Australian Outback can ensure you’ll never get lost, and having a rental satellite phone can also be great in an emergency. Downloading translation functions for your mobile can also be worth considering.

Practice Makes Perfect

laptop open inside luxury camper van
Image by depositphotos.com

Traveling with a perfectly curated tech kit can make us feel confident, but all the confidence in the world will be wasted if you don’t know how it works. Struggling to read instructions in a high-stress or emergency situation is a recipe for disaster, so it’s important to practice with each piece of equipment you might use. Whether experimenting with how offline maps work or trying out translation tools with locals, practice is the key to a positive experience.

With all that in mind, our final piece of advice is to use the tech you already have at home to research what others have discovered on similar trips. Learning from the mistakes of others is preferable to learning from your own, and unexpected issues are a part of the travel process. Rest up, learn well, and your next trip off the beaten path will be better for it.

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