VVS Diamonds and the 4Cs: Finding the Perfect Balance

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Managing time and keeping it balanced in all aspects of your life matters a lot for you to remain healthy and productive. You need to ensure that everything in life is in balance and in good shape for you do not be worried and stressed out. Keeping everything in balance also applies to businesses and industries all of their resources such as debits must be equal to all of their credits to keep every transaction equal. This is also true with these special gemstones called diamonds wherein you need to find the perfect balance for you to have the best and right one.

This article is all about VVS Diamonds and the 4Cs: finding the perfect balance that focuses on Rare Carat VVS diamonds and for you to know what is GIA certified.

VVS Diamonds and the 4Cs: Finding the Perfect Balance

Everyone wants all things to be perfect Some people are perfectionists and want to aim to be on top with no mistakes if possible. Though this is possible most people are capable of making mistakes like those imperfections and weaknesses they have. Same with diamonds, those people in royal highness and those who are wealthy enough, desire to have the perfect features of diamonds as they can afford to have one. The more perfect a diamond is, it is expected that it is valuable and set a price. But as most people tend to commit mistakes, most of the diamonds are also not perfect. There are factors you need to consider like the presence of 4 C’s elements that can be found in any diamond.

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What are the 4Cs in Diamonds?                                                

Is a VVS Diamond the Perfect One?

Clarity grade level is one of the big factors to consider for you to have the best diamond. 6 different clarity categories are having a total of 11 clarity grade levels for you to choose from. If you are aiming for the best one and have high clarity grade, then the Flawless and Internally Flawless clarity category is the right one for you as you can’t find any inclusions in these diamonds. For minor or rare inclusions or blemishes like they are almost perfect, then VVS diamonds work well for you as those imperfections are hard to find. You may settle for VS diamonds but it is expected that inclusions are also visible.

Understanding Diamonds’ Color, Cut, and Carat Weight

To complete those 4 C’s required and to understand better what is GIA certified, aside from clarity, the other C’s you need to look further in choosing the best diamonds are their color, cut, and carat weight.

There are various diamond colors to choose from but based on Rare Carat’s diamond color guide, it is being categorized into three levels the colorless (D, E, F), near-colorless (G, H, I, J), and very faint yellow colors (K, L, M). Colorless colors like D, E, and F colors are believed to have the best colors showing their beauty, elegance, and brilliance while those K, L, and M colors are believed to have lower-quality of color grades. The right and appropriate diamond color depends on you like what is your preferred or favorite color or what particular occasion are you attending.

In choosing the best cut, it all depends on the particular shape you want to have in a diamond. The common cut for a diamond is circular like for an engagement or wedding ring, and this kind of cut which is difficult and requires much time to finish will cost you a lot in terms of its price.

For diamond carat weight, the bigger the diamond stone is if you are planning to buy more than 4-carat weight, the price also increases. 

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