Where Are Californians Holidaying This Year?

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To people living outside of California, especially overseas, it can seem like the kind of destination that perfectly summarizes what you would want your own holiday to look like. The varied and scenic landscape, the renowned cities, and the various national parks: there’s certainly a lot to do. However, to those who already live there, this is all just par for the course, which naturally begs the question—where are they going on holiday?

That’s not to say that the following article will unveil to you an objectively superior location which you can set your sights on instead, but it might get you thinking about the different types of holidays available to you.


If you live in Europe, you’ll likely hear all aggregate countries being lumped into one term, which does little to describe the exact destinations. Poland is a very different destination to Italy, for example, each with their own attractions and benefits. Still, the continent in general is a very popular one for Americans, and that kind of variety can mean that there is a lot to see within a relatively small amount of space. 

The road trip is a popular way to see the USA, for example, and applying that same holiday format here can take you throughout many different countries, bringing you multiple types of landscapes and cultures in a much shorter span of time.

Closer to Home

Not everyone is traveling so far from home, though. One of the features that can make the USA such an appealing destination for so many people is because of the variety of locales and experiences right there. Each state can often seem like an entirely unique country, and that means that you don’t have to travel very far for new cultures and experiences.

Nevada is right on the (relative) doorstep of California, after all, and that means you have the opportunity for a whole casino holiday if you can find a group that’s willing to join you. If you are going further afield, this is an activity that might have caught your attention, and while other countries will have casinos, these other places will also have online casinos specific to them that can allow you to gamble on the go. 

If you find yourself in New Zealand, for example, jackpotcitycasino.com/new-zealand can encourage you to gamble in a safe and moderate way that offers numerous different casino experiences, including RPG-esque titles, and a variety of ways to pay.

Mexico and Canada

People who live in California don’t have to travel far to go to another country, though. If Europe and New Zealand sound appealing to you but pose too much of an obstacle through their travel time, you might be more interested in closer-to-home holidays. Mexico, for example, can provide the more typical sun and beach holiday, and it’s very close to the original destination. However, you might also be interested in what’s going on north of the border, with Canada offering a different climate entirely and a whole slew of other experiences for you to immerse yourself in.

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