Where to Find Background Music for Your DIY Videos

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Video marketing is more important than ever in the 21st century. Marketers can connect with customers on an emotional level with videos. Not to forget, marketing videos boost the customer conversion rate and sales.

Video marketing experts believe that a video without audio is of no use. Viewers on social media sites may skip your marketing video without sound. Matching your video elements with background music will add a professional effect.

Music tracks have a soothing effect on the viewers. A marketing video with background music will affect the eyes and ears of viewers. However, you need to use license-free background music for your marketing videos. Read on to know more about license-free music and where to find it.

Why use license-free music for marketing videos?

You can use a music track for your marketing video without the consent of the original creator. If you still proceed to use a copyrighted music track, your video can be taken down from social media platforms. Also, the original creator of the music track is allowed to sue you. To avoid legal hassles, it is important to use license-free music for marketing videos.

One may think of producing their music for marketing videos. For doing so, you will have to allocate extra funds and hire music experts. The simple way is to directly use license-free music tracks for your marketing videos. A license-free music library can be found on various sites and video editing platforms. Let us see some of the best places to find license-free music for your marketing videos.

Best Places to Find License-free Music

Some of the best places to find license-free music for your editing videos are as follows:

Freeplay Music

Many expert video marketers prefer Freeplay Music for finding unique audio tracks. If you have to find audio tracks for personal use, you can use Freeplay Music for free. However, you can then upload videos only on YouTube and not on any other platform.

For business use, you will have to pay the required amount to Freeplay Music. License-free music on Freeplay Music for business use starts from USD 0.99. If you are looking for free music for videos on YouTube, Freeplay Music is the right choice.


InVideo is a popular video editing platform that offers thousands of license-free music tracks to content creators. This platform offers a free version of their editing platform which is helpful to beginners. While making marketing videos with InVideo, you can locate the music library easily.

With the intuitive UI of InVideo, you won’t have trouble adding background music to your marketing videos. InVideo allows you to search for music tracks based on music genres and mood. For example, you can search for music tracks related to happiness or suspense on InVideo.

You will have to edit the marketing videos using InVideo to gain access to its music library. The music tracks are not downloadable and cannot be exported to some other video editor. You can also listen to a preview of your selected audio track before adding it to your marketing video.

Epidemic Sound

Obtaining music licensing can be complex due to several legalities that are involved. Epidemic Sound compiles all the legal rights to provide license-free music to users. Licensing on Epidemic Sound starts from USD 0.99 which is cheaper than directly obtaining music rights.

Besides licensing, the subscriptions offered by Epidemic Sound start from USD 12 for a month. It will provide high-quality free music for videos to subscribers. The search function of Epidemic Sound allows you to search for any preferred music track. Once you have obtained the music license from Epidemic Sound, you can use it on different video-sharing platforms.

YouTube Studio Audio Library

YouTube is a giant when it comes to video-sharing platforms. There are many video marketers on YouTube trying to promote their products/services. YouTube helps its content creators by providing them with license-free sound effects and music tracks.

The built-in audio library of YouTube offers approximately 2,000 license-free music tracks. Besides the music tracks, YouTube Studio Audio Library also offers around 700 sound effects that are copyright-free. YouTube offers advanced search ability, and you can browse audio tracks via genre, mood, singer, and audio duration.

The music tracks offered by YouTube Studio Audio Library are free if you upload your videos on YouTube. If you use a copyrighted audio track for your video, YouTube can take down your video. To avoid such hassles, it is better to use license-free audio tracks and sound effects.

Audio Library

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Usually, video editing platforms offer license-free music to video marketers. However, Audio Library is a YouTube channel that is committed to providing license-free music to content creators. The only limitation is that you can use the license-free music for uploading the video on YouTube. You cannot use the license-free music of Audio Library for any other social media platform as per the channel guidelines.

For obtaining free music for videos, you simply need to contact the YouTube channel. Each music video shared by Audio Library has a download link in the video description. You can download the audio track by clicking on the download link in the video description. You can choose from around 2,000 license-free audio tracks on Audio Library. The best part of Audio Library is that it regularly updates its music library for content creators.


AudioJungle is operated by Envato Market that possesses around 3 million digital products. You can explore several video decorating ideas with the music library of AudioJungle. It offers around 586,000 audio tracks to video marketers. From heavy metal tracks to pop music, you can find it all on AudioJungle.

You will have to pay AudioJungle for obtaining the copyright for commercial use of audio tracks. The price of license-free audio tracks on AudioJungle starts from USD 1. This price is much less than obtaining music rights directly or making your music track.

Free Music Archive

Many small businesses and beginners do not have ample funds to buy subscriptions for video editing platforms. In such a case, you can visit Free Music Archive (FMA), a website for finding license-free music.

All MP3 tracks offered by FMA are free to use for numerous applications. You will find approximately 1,500 audio tracks on FMA that are free for commercial use. Under ‘Creative Commons’ offered by FMA, one can find more audio tracks besides the existing ones.


With soothing background music, you can compel the users to take action after watching your marketing video. Make sure you find license-free music for your marketing videos that will be published across channels.

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