Why Should I Wear Polarized Sunglasses While Fishing?

man fishing with polarized sunglasses

Fishing is a visual game and as a fisherman or woman, your eyesight is one of the best fish-catching tools. However, when it is sunny outside, your vision may be reduced by the glare coming from the water’s surface, which may reduce the number of fish you will catch. However, when you use polarized lenses, they will enhance your vision. Therefore, although polarized sunglasses can be pricey, purchasing one quality pair will be one of the best investments you will make. If you’re still undecided about buying polarized lenses for your fishing trips, you should look at the other benefits of using these treated shades below.

They protect eyes from UV rays

The shades will protect your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays and glare which are produced by sunlight. UV rays can burn the skin. In addition, they can cause eye diseases like cataracts. Moreover, the harsh glare from the water surface can cause eye strain and fatigue. However, all these negative effects can be avoided by purchasing a good quality pair of treated shades to use when you are on the water. Investing in sunglasses with polarized lenses not only makes images appear sharper and adds comfort, but also allows for the true perception of colors that may have not been visible with regular sunglasses lenses.

They will help you see more clearly

A successful day of fishing begins by carefully studying the water. When you gaze at the water, you should be able to see the boils, riffles, seams, and other unique ways that the water is flowing above the subsurface structure. All these things will help you to know where the fish are and how you must present your fly to catch the fish. However, the main problem is, the subsurface features are hugely covered by the mirror-like effect and glare which are created by the sun. If you wear polarized fishing sunglasses, they will eliminate a lot of the glare from the water’s surface, which will make your vision clearer and more comfortable. These lenses only allow vertical light to enter the eye and eliminate a lot of horizontal light or scattered light. If you want to purchase shades with maximum polarization, you should go for the darker-tinted lenses.

man with baseball cap holding fish and fishing pole

They increase contrast, which makes you see more fish

There are many sunglasses with many different lens colors, which can increase the color and the contrast of your surroundings by varying degrees. When it comes to spotting fish, these types of shades will enhance your visual contrast, which will in turn help you to see the shape, color, and even the shadow of the fish more clearly because it will stand out from its surroundings.

Fish that are typically hard to catch include Amberjack, Bluefin tuna, Bass, and Carp. Increase your chances of catching Carp, for example, with carp fishing bait options.

The lens color can improve vision in low-light situations

Fish are generally more active at dusk and dawn, and some species tend to come out in large numbers on the darkest and stormiest nights. The main problem is, during these times, there usually isn’t enough light to get enough fish. However, the proper color of lenses can boost your vision in low light.


Polarized lenses can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and will enhance your vision and visual contrast. In addition, they can improve vision in low-light situations and can protect your eyes from getting injured while catching fish.

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