Why Travel by Train for Your UK Summer Holiday

high speed train at station

There are many benefits to traveling by rail this summer for a UK holiday. Although many of us may have experienced rail travel on the morning commute, traveling by train to get to a holiday is always far more fun. Relax, sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery and comfort as you quickly speed towards your holiday destination.

Save the Planet

Traveling by train comes with a significantly lower carbon footprint than other methods of transport.  According to a study by the Guardian, train travel produces only 1.8% of Co2 emissions, in comparison to cars which produce 71%, and air travel producing 14.3%. It is by far the greenest choice of transport. Not only this, but it will also save you money as train travel is regarded as one of the most cost-effective modes of transport. A double win!

train leaving train station green leaves on trees


Once you have booked your tickets, the relaxation can begin, with no stress of navigating directions or being stuck in traffic, saving the argument of whose responsibility it was to notice the exit, or why you should have set off at 5 AM rather than 6.

Trains also boast much comfier, larger seating over other methods of transport, perfect if you’re going on a long journey. You are free to get up and walk about as much or as little as you would like. This means less fatigue when arriving at your holiday destination. Trains also often offer complimentary Wi-Fi so you can watch your favourite tv show or catch up on some last-minute work along the way.

Save time

Train travel allows for significantly reduced waiting time compared with other methods of transport, with no early arrival or lengthy security checks required in arrival or departures. Simply turn up to the train station in time to board the train, and you are good to go. With clear communication, if any delays do take place, it is easy to know when and what time you will be arriving at your chosen location, enabling you to get started with your holiday plans straight away.

peaceful countryside blue sky


Another amazing perk of train travel, especially in the UK, is that most train stations are centrally located. This means you are able to begin exploring as soon as you arrive. This way as soon as you leave your seat (with your luggage which you haven’t had to painfully wait to collect), you are in your chosen city within a matter of minutes. It eliminates the inconvenience of a lengthy taxi or bus ride to your final destination. With hundreds of train stations across the country, it is simple and easy to get anywhere across the UK by train.

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